Who Is Joachim Lätsch Married To?

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Joachim Lätsch Biography

Joachim Lätsch, born on May 5, 1956, in Dresden, Germany is a German actor. He began his profession by becoming a machine and plant fitter.

His actual love, though, was acting, which led him to formal training at Berlin’s Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts. He received his diploma from the academy in 1982.

Lätsch has worked in both television and film, appearing in a number of productions over the course of his career.

Joachim Lätsch
Joachim Lätsch

Among his significant credits is the feature film “Helden wie wir,” in which he played Stasi officer Golasch, and television programs such as “SOKO Wismar,” “Tatort,” “Polizeiruf 110,” and “Praxis Bülowbogen.”

In December 2007, he began playing chef André Konopka in the ARD telenovela “Sturm der Liebe.” He made his final appearance after announcing his departure in February 2023.

Lätsch is also fluent in English and Russian, in addition to German. He is married with two children and lives near Munich.

Lätsch’s filmography is wide, encompassing numerous films and television episodes. “Blue Horses on Red Grass” (1980), “Nobility in Decline” (1981), “Jungle Time” (1987), “Police Call 110: Deadly Dreams” (1990), “Inspector Rex” (1996), “Storm of Love” (2007-2023), and “Utta Danella – The Sky Strikers” (2014) are some of his famous works.

Joachim Lätsch
Joachim Lätsch

Lätsch has also been active in theatre plays throughout his career. He performed in Mikhail Schatrov’s piece “Blue Horses on Red Grass” at the Berliner Ensemble in 1980, directed by Christoph Schroth.

Joachim Lätsch’s diverse performances in numerous mediums have made significant contributions to the German acting industry. He has created a lasting impression on the entertainment world due to his talent and passion.

Who Is Joachim Lätsch Married To?

Joachim Lätsch is happily married to his wife by the name of Romy and has been blessed with a son known as Simon.

Joachim Lätsch is known to have been in a relationship with Johanna Bönninghaus according to a report by “whodatedwho”. Joachim has been in lots of relationships in the past.

At one point he was dating  Johanna A. Factor but the two broke up leading to him again having an affair with  Mona Seefried.

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