Who are the Parents of Blanco Singer? Full details

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Blanco, the stage name of Riccardo Fabbriconi, is a well-known figure in the Italian music industry, having carved out a successful career as a composer, rapper, and vocalist. Born in Brescia, Italy, on February 10, 2003, Blanco has enthralled fans worldwide with her rapid ascent to fame in the music industry, which has been characterized by singles that reached the top of the charts and several accolades.

Early Life

Blanco’s early years were spent in the charming village of Calvagese della Riviera, which is located on the beaches of Lake Garda. Blanco had a deep appreciation for the diverse range of Italian music thanks to his father, who exposed him to the works of well-known musicians like Lucio Battisti, Lucio Dalla, and Pino Daniele.


Blanco’s EP, “Quarantine Paranoid,” was released on SoundCloud in June 2020, marking the beginning of his rise to fame. Along with showcasing Blanco’s undeveloped potential, this CD attracted the interest of big record labels. Blanco’s official debut into the mainstream music industry came about as a result of Universal and Island Records’ rapid recognition of his ability.

“Belladonna (Adieu)” and “Notti in Bianco,” his initial hits, set the tone for his future career. Yet it was Blanco’s joint work on “La canzone nostra” with Mace and Salmo that thrust him into the spotlight. The song was so successful that it not only peaked at number one on FIMI’s singles chart but also went on to become quintuple platinum.

Blanco’s ascent continued with the release of “Paraocchi” and the summer anthem “Mi fai impazzire,” featuring Sfera Ebbasta. The latter dominated the charts, spending eight consecutive weeks at number one and achieving sextuple platinum certification.

In September 2021, Blanco unveiled his debut studio album, “Blu Celeste.” The album, featuring hits like “Notti in Bianco” and “Paraocchi,” made an impressive debut atop FIMI’s album chart, swiftly earning gold and platinum certifications.

In 2022, Blanco’s career blew off when he collaborated with Mahmood on the Sanremo Music Festival. Together, they won the event with “Brividi,” which also served as Italy’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. The song, which embraced both heterosexual and gay love, struck a chord with listeners and received over 3.3 million plays on Spotify in a single day. Arriving at the top of FIMI’s singles chart, “Brividi” also achieved a noteworthy 15th place on the Billboard Global 200.

With the Eurovision event, Blanco’s career underwent a major turning point as he became recognized globally. Together, they placed a respectable sixth, which increased Blanco’s prominence outside of Italy.

Following the success of “Brividi,” Blanco continued his musical journey with the release of “Nostalgia” in June 2022, a single that achieved triple platinum status. Blanco’s artistic exploration persisted with the announcement of his second studio album, “Innamorato.”

As anticipation built, Blanco released “L’isola delle Rose” in January 2023, offering a glimpse into the upcoming album’s thematic richness. The album, titled “Innamorato,” was officially launched on April 14, 2023.

Who are Blanco Singer’s Parents?

Blanco was born into a multicultural family, his mother was from Lombardy, and his father was from Rome. However, there is not much information about his parents.




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