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Cecilia Sala, a famous Italian journalist with a deep interest in global affairs, was born in Rome on July 26, 1995. Her career path in journalism demonstrates her passion for investigative reporting, narrative, and bringing attention to international concerns.

Early Life and Education

Cecilia Sala studied international economics from 2014 to 2018 at Bocconi University in Milan, where her academic path took her. Sala’s academic background gave her a sophisticated grasp of global economic dynamics, even though she stopped her studies after earning her bachelor’s degree.


Sala started her career in journalism in 2015 when she started working with Vice as a writer and correspondent. Michele Santoro was drawn to her job and she eventually joined Servizio Pubblico on LA7, where she solidified her reputation as a competent journalist.

Cecilia Sala’s byline has appeared in prestigious magazines throughout the years, such as Vanity Fair, L’Espresso, Rai, and Will Media. Her diverse reporting style and acute attention to detail have established her as a skilled and competent journalist.

Sala’s path also led her to join the editorial board of LA7’s Otto e Mezzo, a site renowned for its in-depth conversations on current events. Her cooperative efforts and perceptive observations enhanced the program’s coverage in detail.

Cecilia Sala has been a crucial member of Il Foglio’s editorial team since November 2019, which has increased her visibility and power in the media.

In 2020, Sala and Chiara Lalli co-founded the podcast “Polvere,” which explores the complexities underlying Marta Russo’s murder. This engrossing examination of real crime not only displayed Sala’s research abilities but also her capacity to effectively convey intricate stories. Because of the podcast’s immense popularity, it was eventually turned into a book, “Polvere: The Marta Russo Case,” which Arnoldo Mondadori Editore Strade Blu released in May 2021.

Continuing to build on the popularity of “Polvere,” Cecilia Sala began a new podcast in January 2022, further showcasing her narrative abilities. The Chora Media-produced podcast, “Stories,” features daily storytelling from all across the world.

Who are Cecilia Sala’s Parents?

There is no information about Cecilia Sala’s parents. It seems she keeps her parents out of the public.




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