What Is  Renata Lusin’s Net Worth? Full Details

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Renata Lusin has left an indelible mark on the dance world with her exceptional skills, dedication, and numerous achievements. Her talent and contributions continue to inspire dancers and enthusiasts around the globe.

Renata Lusin’s Biography

Renata Lusin, née Buscheyeva, was born on June 16, 1987, in Kazan, Tatar ASSR, Soviet Union.

She is a well-known Russian dancer and dance sports instructor. Lusin has had a huge influence on the world of dance with an excellent dance career and several accomplishments.

Lusin is from a mixed family, with a Tatar mother and a Ukrainian father. She began her dancing career at the age of 11, which eventually led to professional training in Moscow.

She honed her skills and perfected her trade with renowned dance partners like as Valentin Rechetnikov, Evgeni Grigorov, and Ivan Anichkhin.

When Lusin was 16, her mother advertised for a dance partner for her, which drew the attention of Valentin Lusin’s parents in Düsseldorf, Germany. Renata Lusin, as a result, relocated to Germany to continue her dancing career.

Lusin has been dancing at the TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiss with Valentin Lusin since 2003. As repeated national champions in the main groups, S-Standard and S-Latin, they have achieved amazing success together.

They have also won several ranking competitions and finished first in national and international championships. Their remarkable talent and perseverance propelled them to the federal A team and first place in the German Dance Sports Association’s main group standard ranking list.

Lusin and her spouse decided to enter the German Dance Sports Association’s professional category in 2017. Their success continued, culminating in the Professionals’ Showdance Standard World Championship triumph in October 2021.

Following this achievement, the duo announced the end of their active dance career. Renata Lusin presently works as a dance trainer for different clubs, including the TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiss, the Meerbuscher Tanzsport Club, and the TTC Schwarz-Gold Moers.

Lusin has dabbled in filmmaking in addition to her dance accomplishments. She portrayed Elena in the 2018 short film “Just a Few Words.”

In October 2020, she and her husband Valentin appeared in Ramon Roselly’s music video for “Infinitely.” Lusin’s flexibility is further demonstrated by her appearance on the cover and in a photo series for the April 2021 issue of German Playboy.

Lusin’s popularity skyrocketed after she made her RTL dance show Let’s Dance debut in 2018. She has since appeared in several seasons, collaborating with numerous personalities. Lusin and her partner, Rrik Gslason, won the Let’s Dance competition in 2021.

Furthermore, she has demonstrated her abilities in the spin-off show The Big Professional Challenge, where she has frequently placed strongly and even won the competition in 2021 and 2022.

What Is  Renata Lusin’s Net Worth?

Renata Lusin’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million. She made her wealth from her career as a dancer and choreographer.




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