Who Is Valentin Lusin’s Mother? Full Details

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Valentin Lusin’s dedication to dance, both as a performer and coach, has made him a respected figure in the dance sports community. His passion and talent have brought him numerous accolades, and he continues to inspire and impact the world of dance through his work.

Valentin Lusin’s Biography

Valentin Lusin was born on February 22, 1987, in Leningrad, Soviet Union.

He had a fascination for dancing from a young age, which inspired him to seek a career in dance sports. Valentin moved to Düsseldorf, Germany, at the age of seven and began formal dancing training at the age of nine.

Valentin began his dance career with Claudia Nandzik in 1997 and continued with Olga Nesterova until 2003. In the summer of 2003, he collaborated with Renata Buschejewa at the TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiss.

They had remarkable success together, achieving several national titles in the main groups, S-Standard and S-Latin. They also won a number of ranking competitions and finished first in national and international championships.

Their achievements earned them a spot on the federal A team and a spot at the top of the German Dance Sports Association’s primary group standard ranking list.

Valentin and Renata made the jump to professional competition in 2017. They went on to win the Professional Showdance Standard World Championship in October 2021, bringing their active dance career to a close.

Valentin made contributions as a dance coach in addition to competitive dancing. From 2013 to 2016, he coached the A team of the TSZ Aachen/TD TSC Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß formation community, which competed in the 1st Bundesliga Latin.

Since the 2018/19 season, he has been teaching the Braunschweiger TSC’s standard formation, as well as standard tournament pairs at TD TSC Düsseldorf Rot-Weiss and TSC Schwarz-Gelb Aachen.

Valentin’s life was also influenced by his education. He studied sports and biology at the University of Cologne and the Cologne Sports University with the objective of becoming a teacher. Valentin married his dance partner Renata Busheyeva in May 2014, and the couple still lives in Düsseldorf.

Valentin rose to prominence after appearing on the popular RTL dancing show Let’s Dancing beginning in 2018. He competed with a number of well-known dance partners and obtained significant achievements.

Valentin won the championship with Anna Ermakova in 2023. He danced alongside his wife, Renata, on the spin-off show The Big Professional Challenge, winning first place in 2021 and third place in 2019 and 2020.

Valentin has acquired an outstanding number of accomplishments over his career. He finished first in many German Championships across ten dances, as well as the German Championship for professionals.

He has placed highly in international contests such as the World Championships and WDSF events.

Who Is Valentin Lusin’s Mother?

Valentin Lusin’s mother’s details are unknown, as there is no information about her on the internet currently.




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