Toma Caragiu’s Death: Full Details

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Toma Caragiu could be described as a Romanian actor of Aromanian origin. He was quite active on radio, in theater, television and film and he normally played comedic roles. Toma Caragiu also featured in dramas and one of his notable films was titled The Actor and the Savages (1975).

During the childhood days of Toma Caragiu, he lived in Greece but later relocated to Romania to stay with his mother, father and two younger sisters, Matilda and Geta in Quadrilateral. He finished high school in Ploiești.

Toma Caragiu became a member of the theater troupe of his high school and also contributed to the high school’s magazine, Frămăntări. Toma Caragiu received his baccalaureate diploma in the summer of 1945 and proceeded to study Law.

However, he stopped and rather enrolled at the Bucharest Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art. On holidays, Toma Caragiu worked as a cultural animator and he produced the show Take, Ianke and Cadîr by VI Popa with the assistance of other artists.

He made his stage debut at the National Theater in Piața Amzei when he played the role of a squire in the play Toreadorul din Olmado staged by the director Ion Șahighian.

He was hired as a member of the artistic corps of the National Theatre on May 1, 1948, and he graduated from IATC in 1949 when he was 24 years old.

Toma Caragiu joined State Theater of Constanța on April 1, 1951 .In 1953, he got appointed as director of the State Theater in Ploiești and he occupied that position for more than a decade.

Toma Caragiu’s Death

It would be recalled that on March 4, 1977, the building in which Toma Caragiu and the film and television director Alexandru Bocăneț were staying, got destroyed by an earthquake up to the third floor.

The body of Toma Caragiu was found six days after the heartquake.He was buried on March 11, 1977, in the Bellu cemetery

Toma Caragiu’s Marriage

Toma Caragiu married, Maria Bondar in 1952 but they got divorced in 1962. While Toma Caragiu and Maria Bondar were married, they adopted Maria (Doina) Caragiu. Later in 1963, Toma Caragiu married actress, Elena Bichman, who had also divorced actor and playwright Paul Ioachim .

Filmography of Toma Caragiu

It is worth noting that Toma Caragiu has acted in about 41 films. Some of these films are The Red Water Lily (1955), I Don’t Want to Marry (1961), Romantic Summer (1961), Sentimental Story (1962), The Streets Have Memories (1962), Politics with… delicacies (sm, 1964), The Hanged Man’s Forest (1965), Merry Quarter (1965), The White Trial (1966) and Outlaws (1966).

Others are Snow Weather (1966), Head of the Soul Sector (1967), The Underground (1967), Three Times Bucharest (1968) – “Bucharest” segment, The Kidnapping of the Virgins (1968), Revenge of the Outlaws (1968), KO (1968), The Miscellaneous Brigade Goes Into Action (1970), Seven Outlaws (1971) and Miss Ralu’s Dowry (1971).

The likes of The Making of the World (1971), Week of Fools (1971), and Miscellaneous Brigade on alert! (1971), BD at the Mountain and the Sea (1971), The Chase (TV series, 1971), The Barrier (1972), The Explosion (1972), Ciprian Porumbescu (1973), Love Begins Friday (1973) and The Landlords (1974) also form part of the films Toma Caragiu featured in.


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