Toilet Roll Price In Ghana. Full Details

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The toilet roll sector has grown enormously in recent years. There are numerous factories that produce various types of toilet paper. We have several options; we can select toilet paper based on price, style, size, colour, and softness.

In this article, I will be taking you through the price of toilet paper here in Ghana. But before that allow us to educate you more about toilet rolls. You might learn something interesting about the ordinary toilet roll you use in your home or office almost every day which you never knew before. 

Interesting Facts About Toilet Roles 

Toilet rolls come in several types of decorations, textures and maybe moistened or perfumed.

The quality of toilet paper is normally determined by the number of plies. Toilet paper can be one or two layers thick, although it is commonly made of one to four layers of thin paper.

A single sheet of one-ply toilet paper is offered as a cost-effective choice. Two-ply tissue has two layers that are linked together. Two-ply toilet paper is generally more expensive than one-ply.

There are low-grade toilet paper, mid-grade two-ply and premium toilet paper. Low-grade toilet paper has only one (or two plies max), and it is very coarse. Low-grade toilet paper is of the lowest grade of paper.

Mid-grade two-ply toilet paper is textured to provide softness, and it is durable. Premium toilet paper is made of best pulped paper and has two to four plies (it may have lotion and wax).

The way toilet paper is wound onto a roll and the size of the roll is commonly referred to as the type of toilet paper. Standard, jumbo and jumbo junior toilet paper rolls are the three main types.

White and natural toilet paper are the two colours available. The pulp material in white toilet paper (blanched toilet paper) is bleached throughout the manufacturing process. Brown is the natural colour of toilet paper.

There is some printed toilet paper. Simple white toilet paper is the most preferred colour for toilet paper in general. Pink is the second most common colour, and peach is the third most popular.

Quilted, perfumed, coloured, medicinal (with antibacterial agents), treated with aloe, and other “luxury” toilet paper features. Some medical professionals recommend that consumers use white, unscented toilet paper.

Toilet Roll Price In Ghana

In Ghana, the price of a pack of toilet rolls ranges between Ghs 15.00 to Ghs 30.00 depending on the quality and course of the paper as mentioned above. 


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