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Thomas A. Seidel, who was born in Neukirchen/Pleiße on September 15, 1958, has made a lasting impact on the fields of Protestant theology, history, and church leadership.

Seidel has had a long and varied career, and his contributions have not only been to his faith but also to academia and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Early Life and Education

The first child of a master electrician and a textile worker, Thomas A. Seidel came from a lowly family. He was determined and tenacious in his pursuit of theology and history. Political issues made it difficult for Seidel to enroll in a high school diploma program, but his exceptional work at Werdau Polytechnic High School in Saxony could not be disregarded.

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He finished his training as an electrical fitter at the VEB Kombinat Starkstromanlagenbau Leipzig between 1975 and 1977 before pursuing his passion for theological studies.

Seidel attended Leipzig’s Theological Seminary (Church University) from 1979 to 1986 to study Protestant theology as a result of his academic interests. He worked as a vicar in Ollendorf, Thuringia, from 1986 to 1988 after finishing his studies. He received his ordination at Eisenach’s St. Georgenkirche on November 6, 1988


On March 3, 1990, Seidel was chosen to serve as the (part-time) managing director of the Ettersburg Castle/Weimar Board of Trustees, which proved to be a turning point in his professional life. He was given this responsibility by the Thuringian state government to oversee a project to build an eventual European cultural and educational hub at Ettersburg Castle.

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He showed his commitment to cultural preservation and education by working so hard on this project.

Along with his role as a parish priest in Ollendorf, Seidel served as the director of history and political studies at the Evangelical Academy of Thuringia starting in 1994. From 1996 to 2005, he served as the Evangelical Academy of Thuringia’s director.

His academic achievements include a doctorate from 2002 that focused on the reorganization of the church in Thuringia during the dictatorship’s transition from 1945 to 1950. In the Transition of Dictatorships: An Investigation into the New Church Order in Thuringia 1945-1951 was the title of this doctoral dissertation, which was published in 2003.

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Seidel took on a significant role in September 2010 as the Thuringian state government’s representative for the planning of the Luther Reformation anniversary in 2017, demonstrating his dedication to the church’s historical and cultural legacy.

Personal Life

He has been married to Cornelia Seidel since 1983. She is the founding prioress of the St. Peter & Paul Collegiate Foundation in Erfurt. The couple has two children and four grandchildren, embodying a life rich in faith, family, and service.

What was Thomas Seidel’s Cause of Death?

Thomas Seidel is not dead. However, he is still alive and strong.


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