The Bear And The Rat Net Worth 

By | July 12, 2022

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About The Bear & The Rat

The Bear & The Rat is a maker of frozen yogurt dog treats that use only natural ingredients including banana, applewood-smoked bacon, and peanut butter. Countless helpful microorganisms are present in every goodie. They were inspired by the dogs because eating human food made them sick. The pair was seen in the video clip feeding treats to a large group of dogs in their backyard. Matt claimed that in order to get their dog’s treats to their eager target market, they need the Shark’s help.

The Bear And The Rat Success Stories

  • The namesakes of The Bear and the Rat, the couple’s pets, joined them in the Shark Tank.
  • Meg Meyer made a formal introduction for herself, Matt, and their animals. She claimed that in exchange for a 20% ownership stake in their company, she was asking for $125,000.
  • The Bear and the Rat was created by Matt Meyer when he was just eight years old, but the name came later.
  • He would take his dog, Babette, and his family to a nearby ice cream shop every Sunday.

The Bear And The Rat Shark Tank Recap

Meg let the Sharks know that they had made more than $30,000 in income the year before. She acknowledged that the number was trivial in her statement. Meg claimed that the Bear and the Rat attended the biggest natural foods trade show the previous year and were met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. If they had received any orders, Robert enquired. They did “cultivate relationships,” but Meg didn’t offer him any instructions, and Robert cautioned them that this wasn’t a sign of good things to come.

The Bear And The Rat Net Worth  1

The Meyers attempted to win a $125,000 investment return for a 20% ownership stake in the Tank, but they were unsuccessful. Seven years after the show’s original airing, The Bear & The Rat is still evolving. The company has been in business for eight years.

Each very small cup of The Bear & The Rat was painstakingly assembled and filled in 2012 by the Meyers. They have added frozen goat milk yogurt to their lineup of products and hired a national sales manager. He wanted to ensure that families could play with their pets without endangering their digestive system. Check to see if the Sharks think their dog ice cream is worthwhile.

The Bear And The Rat Net Worth

When the Meyers couple appeared on the Sharktank show, they demanded a $125,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in the business. But no arrangement was reached. Even after seven years, business is thriving.

The Meyers were adhering packaging and filling cups for their product back in 2012. It is now produced at a plant. Along with hiring a new salesperson, the Meyers have started creating frozen goat milk yogurt.

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