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About Raffaello Follieri

Follieri is a businessman from Italy. He was Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend from 2004 to 2008. Additionally, the Italian developer is known for being a con man.

He received a four-year sentence for fraud and conspiracy in 2008. He has held CEO positions with Follieri Capital Ltd., Follieri Energy Group, and FHoldin UAE.

An Italian man named Raffaello Follieri is 43 years old. He was created on June 28, 1978. Astrologically speaking, he is a cancer. Despite being an Italian citizen by birth, he has dual citizenship with both the US and Italy. He is a native of the white race.

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When we went to see his parents, we were unable to gain any information from them. He didn’t go into great depth about his parents.

Raffaello Follieri Relationship

Raffaello Follieri lived a long and joyful life of marital bliss with his wife Konstantina Koumouri. The businessman calls the new spouse a nice and giving individual.

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She did, in fact, support him while he was incarcerated. The two are presently living separately in Milan and Athens. Your two-year-old son Pasquale is anticipated to join the family soon.

Raffaello Follieri is an Italian businessman. During their relationship, which lasted from 2004 to 2008, he was Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend.

The Italian developer has a horrible reputation as a con artist. He is now the CEO of Follieri Oil SA, Follieri Capital Ltd., Follieri Energy Group, and FHoldin UAE.

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Follieri’s name was mentioned as one of the players involved in the Vati-Con incident. He allegedly mismatched a $50 million investment from Ronald Burkle and former President Bill Clinton.

Several of them also gave pricey gifts to Hathaway. Additionally, Raffaello today lives a life devoid of crime. He was arrested on April 3, 2008, in exchange for a $250,000 check. What an awful conduct to commit. Raffaello can’t possible cover so much ground in his work because he is an inflexible developer.

He was also the subject of multiple lawsuits, and the state of New York is currently looking into the murky financial activities of his organization. Not to add that he got hitched to the girl of his dreams and built a multi-million dollar business empire.

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In actuality, Raffaello had just been freed from jail after a tough sentence. He was unable to eat or sleep after a gallbladder operation. He was hurting. Constantine was his wife, helping him to move past his past. She was next to him.

Raffaello Follieri Net Worth

Raffaello is estimated to be worth £150 million. Follieri Energy reportedly has 162 tankers among its holdings, according to the Daily Mail. By 2021, they were worth about £150 million. In addition, FHolding UAE, the parent company of Follieri, and the other businesses it oversees have a combined value of billions.

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