Students clash with Police at Commonwealth Hall in University of Ghana


Some students got into a fight with the police as they attempted to enter the University of Ghana’s Commonwealth Hall.

The court issued an injunction against the residential policy’s execution on January 6. After the offended students were successful in obtaining an injunction preventing the implementation of the new rule that would have resulted in the continuing students of Mensah Sarbah and Commonwealth Halls losing their residential status.

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The former residents of the hall are protesting to voice their unhappiness with the management for what they perceive to be its silence over the housing problem.
The management’s refusal to abide by the court’s injunction, according to the students, is disrespectful.

They became agitated and engaged in a standoff with the police, who had been called in to stop them from entering Commonwealth Hall.
Police have also detained 18 persons for their part in a fight that occurred today on campus.

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