Serge Marais Cause Of Death; Full Details

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Serge Marais, despite his shortened career as a singer in the 1960s, will be remembered not only as the adopted son of Jean Marais but also as a man who fought tirelessly for what he believed was rightfully his.

In today’s article, we take a look into his history as well as find out his cause of death.

Serge Marais Biography

Serge Marais, born Serge Ayala and better known as Serge Vilain-Marais, was a man who fought fiercely for his family’s legacy but eventually succumbed to the tragic circumstances surrounding him.

Serge was born into the renowned Marais family and was the adopted son of French actor Jean Marais, who tragically died in 1998 before witnessing the horrible tragedy that awaited his loving son.

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Serge devoted several years of his life after his father’s death to ensuring that his father’s legacy was protected. Despite various obstacles and setbacks along the way, he never gave up on his desire to correctly claim what was rightfully his.

Serge was able to obtain his rightful belongings via tenacity and effort. This win, however, came at a high price.

Serge was subjected to physical assault and sustained multiple injuries throughout the battle for his inheritance. These wounds, inflicted by those who wanted to deprive him of what was rightfully his, left profound scars that never entirely healed.

But it wasn’t simply the inheritance war that hurt him. Serge was deeply affected by his father’s premature death, which left him feeling lonely and alone.

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Guy Balensi, Serge’s close friend, watched personally the grief and suffering he endured for years after his father’s death.

Despite the presence of pals like Balensi, Serge had a solitary existence with just his four devoted dogs for company.

He desired a connection, a new family, and the opportunity to spend his life with a caring companion. Unfortunately, this dream did not come true.

Serge committed suicide in February 2012 due to an overpowering yearning for company and a desperate desire to escape his loneliness.

Serge’s terrible decision to end his life with a shotgun left many who knew him wondering about the unknown reasons for his tragic decision. Prior to his death, he left his remaining fortune to his close friend Nicole Pasquali, ensuring that his legacy was handled properly.

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While his journey was riddled with adversity and the loss of his closest loved ones, he leaves behind a legacy of dedication, resilience, and the value of finding one’s place in the world. May his tortured spirit find peace in the afterlife, and may he be remembered as a fighter till the bitter end.

Serge Marais Cause Of Death

Serge Marais’s cause of death is reported to have been suicide as he killed himself over an inheritance litigation and bouts of loneliness and depression.




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