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Security Doors In Ghana And Their Prices. May 2023

Every rational human being will like to be protected or safe from harm. As one begins reasoning like this, security becomes a prime concern. 

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Protecting your house or your property from intruders or criminals, is a form of security. One way you can achieve this, is to use security doors for your house, hotels, workplaces, churches, etc. Obviously, security doors or steel doors are more secured than wooden doors. 

In this post, you will get to know more about security doors, their types, how much they cost and more importantly, where you can get one for yourself.

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About Security Doors

Security doors are sophisticated doors that are usually made of steel. Most often, the steel used come with a brocaded wood. Most of these security doors are integrated with alarms to warn of invaders, smart locks with electronic key fob, deadbolts and reinforcement.

With the smart lock feature, only the people with an electronic key fob or a near field communication device such as a smartphone, can have access to the door. With this feature, you can open the door without necessarily using a physical key.

The reinforcement feature also comes with a door chain, internal locks and specialized hinge screws.

Security Doors are strong enough to withstand door breaching, ram-raiding and lock picking. You can equally prevent crime acts such as burglary and home invasions using security doors. Most of them come with bullet proofs, friplet locking systems and are rust free as well.

Types Of Security Doors

There are different types or kinds of security doors. Some of the notable types are the Turkish Security Doors, Spanish Security Doors, Chinese Security Doors and etc. All of these security doors have similar fabrications. 

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Security Doors And Their Prices In Ghana

Pricing will depend mainly on the type of security door you want to purchase. Below are the types of security doors and their prices in Ghana.

 Armored And Bulletproof Doors

Armored And Bulletproof Security Doors will cost you GH ¢ 2, 000 – GH ¢ 2, 5000. The pricing is based on the size and that is the reason why you had the price range earlier. 

Cast Aluminum Bulletproof Door 

Cast Aluminum Bulletproof Security Doors will cost you GH ¢ 3, 500.

Interior Door Metal Wooden Door

Interior Door Metal Wooden Security Doors will cost you GH ¢ 530.

Bathroom Security Glass Door

Bathroom Security Glass Door will cost you GH ¢ 570.

Bronze Security Door

Bronze Security Door will cost you GH ¢ 850.

Turkish Exterior Security Steel Door

Turkish Exterior Security Steel Door will cost you GH ¢ 3, 500.

Where To Buy Security Doors In Ghana
  • G&Bdoors (
  • Ghana Steel Doors (
  • Jiji Market
  • Ghanabuysell
  • Tonaton
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