Second Hand Mattress Price In Ghana


The patronage of second hand goods in our part of the world is a common thing to see. In Ghana, a lot of middle to low income earners prefers to buy second goods for obvious reasons.

Second hand mattress happens to be one of the most purchased in Ghana. Second hand mattress may also be called “home used” mattress.

In this article, I bring you the prices of second hand mattresses in Ghana, where to buy and get the best deals.


What is a second hand mattress?

It is one that has been used or preowned by someone either locally or overseas. Second hand mattress are mostly imported from the UK, India and the USA.

Why do you need second hand mattress?

People purchase second hand mattresses to save cost. They are cheaper than brand new mattresses. Although some people argue that second hand mattresses are more quality than brand new. We disagree with that. Once an item has been used by someone, the quality cannot be compared to a brand new.


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Second hand mattress price in Ghana

The prices of second mattresses in Ghana may vary depending on the extent of usage. The mattress will be cheaper if it has been used for long.

Also, there size of a mattress greatly determines the price. Higher sized mattresses like one and half or queen size used mattress tend to cost higher than single or student mattresses.

View the prices of second hand mattress from the table below this post.


Where to buy second hand mattress in Ghana?

With the increase usage of online platforms in Ghana, you can get a decent second hand mattress for purchase from any of the credible online websites below.

Aside from that, I have compiled some price list and their respective sellers in a table below for your perusal.

Mattress Price Seller’s contact
Home used kingsize mattress 1,400 0572013449
Used Matress with pillows 300 0243577875
Home used single mattresses for schools 200 572013449
Used mattress with bed 350 0267815323
Latex foam mattress slightly used 600 0205455650
16 Inches Queen Size Mattress (60/80) 2,400 0241592880
Queen Size Bed(Inbuilt Mattress) 1,499 +233591023502


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