Sarkodie Net Worth (2021). Full Details

Today, we are profiling the most celebrated rapper in Ghana, Sarkodie. In this post, we will discuss Sarkodie’s net worth in 2021 according to Forbes, his businesses, cars, mansions, spouse, children and a lot more.

Stay glued as we inspire you with Sarkodie’s success story.


Who is Sarkodie? (Short Biography)

Michael Owusu Ado, popular known in the showbiz arena as Sarkodie is a Ghanaian rapper who has been in the mainstream music for over a decade. He has tasted the success of music for a very long time and continues to be relevant even as at now.

Sarkodie is known for his versatile rap style and has built a huge fan base in Ghana and abroad over the years.

Sarkodie hails from Tema in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Aged 32, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Sarkcess Music Record Label. The label has worked with artistes such as Strongman and Akwaboa.


Sarkodie’s Businesses.

Sarkodie is a very low-key person. He therefore does not really flaunt his wealth most of the time. Per the short research we did, we can confirm Sarkodie owns and has shares in several businesses in Ghana and abroad.

Sarkodie is known to have investments in the fashion industry and he is really making a lot of income from there. Aside the Sarkcess clothing line, he also launched a new clothing line in 2018 named The Highest Merchandise.

He sells customized foot wares, belts, hoodies, tops and a lot more.

He is really making some cool money from that side.


Music Business.

It is obvious that Sarkodie makes most of his money from his music career. He is one of the most successful Ghanaian musicians with international recognition as well.

He is the most awarded musician in Ghana. Every award comes with some amount of money. That also pays him a lot.

Sarkodie has over 500,000 YouTube subscribers. This makes him the Ghanaian musician with the highest subscribers on YouTube.

He earns over $24,000 dollars from this platform making him one of the top earning Ghanaian musicians.

He also has a lot of monthly streams from Spotify, Boom Play, Apple Music, iTunes and other digital channels. He is able to make some substantial revenue from these online platforms as well.



He has had endorsement and ambassadorial deals from big brands such as Standard Chartered Bank, FanMilk, Samsung, Tigo Ghana, Jumia Ghana, former UT Bank and many others.


How does Sarkodie Makes his money?

It is obvious that he makes most of his money from music. Aside that, the endorsements and undisclosed businesses pays him a lot.


Sarkodie Net Worth 2020, Forbes.

Sarkodie is worth US$15 million as of 2021.

In 2017, Forbes Africa ranked Sarkodie as the 9th richest musicians in African with a net worth of about $7 million dollars. He was the only Ghanaian musicians on the list at that time. That makes him one of the richest musicians in Ghana currently.

The endorsement from these big brands has really helped Sarkodie amassed a lot of wealth to himself.


Sarkodie’s Cars.

He is known for his taste for luxurious cars. He is mostly seen in a Range Rover, Mercedes Benz and other Luxurious cars.


Sarkodie Houses.

According to close sources, Sarkodie lives in a mansion at Spintex in Greater Accra Region. He is also known to have some houses other parts of the country and overseas (UK).

He recently bought a crib in the United States of America.


Family and Children

Sarkodie is married to Mrs. Tracey Owusu Addo. According to close sources, his wife also has some businesses he run to support him.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Sarkodie richer than Shatta Wale?

According to Forbes, Sarkodie is the richest musician in Ghana.

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