Ronja Forcher’s Boyfriend/Husband: Full Details

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Ronja Forcher can be described as an Austrian actress and singer.Ronja Forcher was born on June 7, 1996 in Innsbruck to Reinhard Forcher. Reinhard Forcher was also an actor. It must be noted that when Ronja Forcher was just six years old, she featured at the children’s roles at the Tyrolean State Theater.

Concerning education, Ronja Forcher attended the Vienna 1st film academy acting school from 2014 to 2015. So far as film is concerned, Ronja Forcher made her debut for KiKA in the Christmas special Beutolmäus and she was also seen in the cinema in Okariki Oraku in 2003.

Ronja Forcher featured in television films such as the four-part film In the Valley of Silence alongside Christine Neubauer and she played the role of Lilli Gruber in the ZDF television series Der Bergdoktor since 2008. Ronja Forcher was a member of the ensemble of the Tiroler Landestheater for two years until 2019 and while with the ensemble, she played several roles on the big stage such as Gretchen in Goethe’s Faust, Kreusa in Grillparzer’s The Golden Fleece or Vicky in Fayn’s The Naked Madness.

Ronja Forcher teamed up with four fellow actors in 2015 to form the  ALICE Ensemble. The ALICE Ensemble is a women’s ensemble to counteract the imbalance between women and men in the theater world. It must be noted that since 2020, Ronja Forcher has been recording her own German-language music with her team of producers from Haus 2000 in Berlin.

Her very first single “Thank You” was released in 2021 by Universal Music/Electrola and with the passage of time, she released five other singles. Ronja Forcher is said to be committed and dedicated to the José Carreras Foundation  , Bread for the World, Misereor, Viva con Agua and she serves as an ambassador for the association “RollOn Austria – We are disabled!”.

Ronja Forcher lives in Hanover, Berlin and Tyrol and has been married to actor Felix Briegel since August 2022. Some of the films to her credit include 2004–2008: In the Valley of Silence (TV series, 4 episodes), 2005: The Geierwally (TV film), 2005: Schlosshotel Orth (TV series, one episode), 2005: SOKO Vienna (TV series, one episode), 2006: Follow your heart (TV movie), 2007: The Call of the Mountains – Shadows of the Past (TV film) and 2007: Forever Africa (TV film).

Others are 2008: The Dream Hotel – Caribbean (TV series), 2008: Africa in the Heart (TV film), since 2008: The Mountain Doctor (TV series), 2009: Quickly Investigated (TV series, one episode), 2012: K2 – La montagna degli italiani (TV film) and 2012: SOKO Kitzbühel (TV series, one episode).
With respect to her discography, the following can be considered; 2021: Thank You (Single), 2021: Dance for You (Single), 2021: How Strong Is Your Heart (Single), 2021: Thank You – Christmas Version (Single), 2022: In My World (Single), 2022: Book with Many Pages (Single) and 2022: My Journey (Album).

Ronja Forcher’s Boyfriend/Husband

Ronja Forcher and Felix Briegel are married . They got married in August 2022. Felix Briegel is also an actor.


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The star of the TV series “Bergdoctor” Ronja Forcher shared rare photos with her husband Felix. :

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