Roland Kaiser’s Children. Everything you need to know

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Roland Kaiser, who was born Ronald Keiler on May 10, 1952, is one of the giants of German music. He has made a lasting impression on the music world as a well-known Schlager vocalist. Over several decades, Kaiser has established himself as one of the most prosperous German-speaking Schlager performers. His remarkable path from marketing executive to global music phenomenon is a tale well worth telling.

Early Life

Roland Kaiser was born in West Berlin, where his story starts. His hobbies were not initially in line with music when he was younger. As an executive in marketing for an automobile company, he instead found himself in the corporate world. Music producer Gerd Kämpfe’s secret genius was unearthed when fate decided to step in at this most unlikely of locations.

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The initial steps into the music industry were taken by Roland Kaiser, as he became known professionally, in 1974. “Was ist wohl aus ihr geworden?” became his first single. His ascent through the German music industry’s levels began with this, initiating an incredible adventure.

Roland Kaiser made his mark on the music charts in 1976, two years after making his debut, with the popular song “Frei, das heißt allein,” which peaked at an astounding number 14 on the West German charts. This was a precursor to things to come for the budding celebrity.

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In 1980, Kaiser’s participation in the West German Eurovision Song Contest trial was a pivotal event in his career. Even though he didn’t win the tournament, it served as a springboard for his subsequent achievements.

1980 proved to be a turning point for Roland Kaiser. He earned his biggest commercial success to date this year because of the hit song “Santa Maria.” West German music fans were enthralled with this smash song, which was first written by Oliver Onions and performed by Guido & and Maurizio De Angelis. The song ruled the charts, staying at the top for a remarkable half-month.

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In addition to showcasing Roland Kaiser’s vocal skills, “Santa Maria” also showed off his capacity to connect with listeners. Its ageless appeal has cemented the song’s status as a classic in the German Schlager genre.

Who are Roland Kaiser’s Children?

Roland Kaiser has three children. Two of them are well known and they are Roland Kaiser and Annalena Kaiser.


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