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In the German entertainment business, Hans Peter Wilhelm “Hape” Kerkeling is a beloved character with a name that conjures up images of comedy, amusement, and charm. Hape Kerkeling has won over a great deal of admiration in Germany and abroad with a career spanning comedy, acting, presenting, and writing.

Early Life

Hape Kerkeling was born in Recklinghausen, Germany, on December 9, 1964, and her entertainment career started early. Kerkeling was a student at Recklinghausen Secondary School, when he and several of his classmates started a band called “Gesundfutter,” which means, quite amusingly, “health food.” The group decided to pursue their musical goals seriously, going so far as to create a song called “Hawaii.”


Hape Kerkeling’s true comedic talents emerged when he ventured into radio, working for various German broadcasting companies, including WDR and BR. However, his breakthrough moment came in 1984/85 when, at the tender age of 19, he landed a role in the television comedy show titled “Känguru.” The uniqueness of this show was highlighted by the deliberate misspelling of the German word for kangaroo, a quirk that added to its charm.

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One of the most well-known characters in the program was Kerkeling’s portrayal of the young Hannilein. Sitting on giant-sized chairs, with a pudding-basin haircut, red hair, and huge dungarees, Hannilein offered funny, often infuriating satire on the world of grownups. This persona went on to become legendary, and it was obvious that Kerkeling could engage viewers with comedy.

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In 1989, Kerkeling’s quest led him to develop his comic TV show, “Total Normal.” This program, which offered a sarcastic perspective on prime-time TV shows, unveiled a novel and inventive concept. Numerous prominent television honors, like as the Goldene Kamera, the Adolf-Grimme-Preis, and the Bayerischer Fernsehpreis, were given to the highly praised program.

He became the actor, writer, and director of the 1992 film “Kein Pardon.” Even though this was a pivotal point in his career, Kerkeling turned down a chance to work on the well-liked prime-time program “Wetten, dass..?” from the public broadcaster ZDF. Rather, he started a television program called “Cheese,” which had a similar premise to “Total Normal,” but it was not as successful.

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Hape Kerkeling has been hosting “Hape trifft!” since 2005. The program is produced by i&u TV, the production firm of Günther Jauch, and it airs on RTL. With a well-received audience base, this vibrant presentation highlights Kerkeling’s ability to interact with a wide range of visitors.

In 2013, Kerkeling lent his voice and singing talents to the German version of Olaf, the lovable snowman from Disney’s hit movie “Frozen.”

Hape Kerkeling’s Net Worth

Hape Kerkeling has an estimated net worth of about 1 – 3 million dollars. His primary source of wealth comes from his career as an actor.




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