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Dutch-Swiss actor Roeland Wiesnekker has made a lasting impression on the entertainment industry with his diverse performances in films and stage productions. Wiesnekker’s path from a teenage dreamer to a recognized actor is a monument to his passion and devotion. His career has spanned decades, and he has brought to life a wide variety of roles on stage and screen.

Early Life

Roeland Wiesnekker was raised in a musically inclined household and was born on November 25, 1967, not far from Zürich, Switzerland. He experimented with a variety of musical instruments, but his passion for acting was sparked by his respect for the renowned Charlie Chaplin. Wiesnekker set his sights on a profession in the dramatic arts as a youngster and wanted to be an actor.

Wiesnekker began an apprenticeship as a cook at the age of 15, but he soon discovered that he disagreed with the hierarchical systems of the food industry. A year later, he thought about going into teaching sports but changed his mind and started working at a hospital instead. His artistic goals, however, were unfulfilled by playing the part of a male nurse.

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Wiesnekker’s life changed forever when he started working in a Gassenküche, a street-kitchen that served food to the homeless and drug addicts. This experience had a profound effect on him, shaping his character instilling a strong sense of empathy, and eventually leading him to his true calling – acting.

Roeland Wiesnekker Family

There is no information about the family of Roeland Wiesnekker Family. It seems he keeps his personal life out of the public.

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Education and Career

Roeland Wiesnekker studied theater at the prestigious Schauspielakademie in Zürich from 1986 to 1989. Even before earning his graduation, the Schauspielhaus Bochum in Germany hired him due to his devotion to his trade and acting love. A successful future in theater and movies was prophesied by this early acknowledgment of his skill.

His remarkable acting career began when he was nominated in 1990 for the title of “Deutscher Nachwuchsschauspieler des Jahres” (German Talented Young Actor of the Year). Wiesnekker turned down lucrative offers for parts overseas in favor of moving back to Zürich, where he participated in a variety of theatrical plays, making significant performances in “Der Menschenfeind” at the Zürich Schauspielhaus.

In 1989, Roeland Wiesnekker made his debut in the realm of film acting by taking on a part in the short film “Karl.” With appearances in the Eurocops series in 1991, when he collaborated with renowned actress Barbara Rudnik under the direction of Markus Imboden, he proceeded to establish his name in the business.

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He joined the cast of the Swiss comedy “Lüthi und Blanc” in the summer of 2003, displaying his flexibility in both humorous and tragic parts. However, his performance as the drug-addicted policeman Herbert Strähl in the movie “Strähl” is what made him famous. Wiesnekker’s recognition as a notable actor in Swiss cinema was cemented in 2005 when he won the coveted Schweizer Filmpreis (Swiss Film Award) for Best Main Role.


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