Rio Reiser’s Children. Meet His Daughters & Sons. Full Details

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It must be mentioned Rio Reiser was born on January 9, 1950, and he died on August 20, 1996. He was a German musician and he was the lead singer and writer for the rock group Ton Steine Scherben between 1970 and 1985. It was after the collapse of the group that he pursued a solo career.

Rio Reiser’s father was an engineer for Siemens and due to the nature of his work, he moved and stayed at different places such as West Berlin, Upper Bavaria, Nuremberg, Mannheim, and Fellbach. Rio Reiser’s mother was Erika Möbius and he was said to have two older brothers; Peter Möbius and Gert C. Möbius.

When Rio Reiser was alive and active on the music front, he was able to release six studio albums and these albums were 1986: Rio I. (Columbia Records, November 1986), 1987: Blinder Passagier (Columbia Records, September 1987), 1990: *** (Columbia Records, April 1990), 1991: Durch die Wand (Columbia Records, July 1991), 1993: Über Alles (Columbia Records, August 1993) and 1995: Himmel und Hölle (Columbia Records, March 1995; re-released January 2002).

1994: König von Deutschland – Das Beste von Rio Reiser (April 1994; König von Deutschland ’94), 1996: Balladen (July 1996), 1997: Unter Geiern (January 1997; double CD, best of with b-sides and remixes), 2000: Junimond – Die Balladen (June 2000), 2000: Alles Lüge – Best, 2003: Zwischen Null und Zero (September 2003; double cd with b-sides and remixes), 2016: Alles und noch viel mehr – Das Beste (August 2016) and 2016: Blackbox Rio Reiser (November 2016; cd box set with 16 CDs, including almost entirely songs that were not previously released) were some of his compilations.

Rio Reiser also has some Live albums, tributes and other albums to his credit. Some of his singles are 1984: Dr. Sommer (March 1984), 1986: Alles Lüge (May 1986), 1986: Junimond (August 1986), 1986: König von Deutschland (October 1986), 1986: Für immer und dich (November 1986), 1987: Blinder Passagier (August 1987) and 1988: Manager (January 1988).

Rio Reiser’s Children. Meet His Daughters & Sons

Rio Reiser is said to have no children per the information available now.

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