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Oliver Bendt can be described as a  German former child actor and singer. It must be noted that he was born on October 29, 1946, in Potsdam and he is known to be the founder of the internationally successful Goombay Dance Band.

He retired from the  Goombay Dance Band at the end of 2016. Oliver Bendt’s mother was an actress. Oliver Bendt played roles in various films and including Königswalzer (1955) and Because You Are Poor, you must die early (1956).

Through his roles in Königswalzer (1955) and Because You Are Poor, You Must Die Early (1956), he received his first violin, piano and guitar lessons. He became a member of the Regensburger Domspatzen and received vocal training there.

It must also be noted that he completed singing studies at the Hamburg University of Music and Theater. He applied to Ralf Arnie Musikverlag in 1967 as a young singer. He was able to record a total of four single records under the name “Jörg” in 1967 and 1968. The four singles are  You shall be my last love, Mariangela , Being faithful is not difficult for you, Today you have to decide, Try me again.

Oliver Bendt also made an appearance in the German production of the musical Hair.

Some of the cover versions of English hits recorded by Oliver Bendt include What I Did, I Only Did for Maria, 1971 ( I Did What I Did for Maria, Tony Christie ), I’m Coming Back to Amarillo, 1971 ( Is This the Way to Amarillo?, Tony Christie, 1971), Mein Lied für Maria, 1972 ( My special Prayer, Joe Simon, 1966) and Oh, Marie, 1974 ( Tale of Maria, José Feliciano, 1973). Oliver Bendt’s greatest success in Germany was with the song Sun of Jamaica and the song has so far over ten million copies. Oliver Bendt lives with his family in Norderstedt near Hamburg. The singer Yasmin K. (Yasmin Knoch) is his daughter.

Is Oliver Bendt Married?

It is not known if Oliver Bendt is currently married or not. He used to be married to Alicia Bendt with whom, he had two children. The children are Danny and Yasmin.

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