Razvan Ciobanu Death: Full Details

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Răzvan Ciobanu was a Romanian fashion designer and he was born on January 28, 1976. At the onset of the fashion career of Răzvan Ciobanu, he had issues with his weight and as such decided to get in touch with a nutritionist for assistance.

Due to the fact that he followed the advice on diet he was given, he was able to reduce his weight considerably. His weight moved from 130 kilograms to about 83 kilograms. For about two years when Răzvan Ciobanu was out of the country, he was not actively involved in the fashion design industry.

He did not launch any collection in Romania. However, it is worth noting that Răzvan Ciobanu collaborated with the likes of Lowe, Armand Basi, Westwood and a Zara division which are all known brands.

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So far as the fashion design industry is concerned, Răzvan Ciobanu had his first presentation when he was only 19 years old.  It would be recalled that at the end of the 1990s, he was studying Fashion Design in Timișoara.

Răzvan Ciobanu was able to produce a show, “In Purple and Yellow” dedicated to fashion at Radio Europa Nova Timișoara . Later between September 16 and September 18 in 2017, Răzvan Ciobanu took part in the international fashion design exhibition, The Train, which was held in New York.

Răzvan Ciobanu served as a juror of the contest called ” Bravo, you have style! ” for seasons 1, 2 and 3. He was a juror alongside  Iulia Albu , Raluca Bădulescu and Maurice Munteanu in the three seasons. Răzvan Ciobanu agreed to be part of ” Bravo, you have style! ” due to the fact that it pertains to the field of fashion design.

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Razvan Ciobanu’s Death

Razvan Ciobanu died on April 29 , 2019, after getting involved in a road accident. The road accident occurred on DJ226 Năvodari – Săcele and it was believed it happened as a result of the inattentiveness of the driver who was also driving at a very high speed.

The driver lost control of the steering wheel at the entrance to Săcele commune. Razvan Ciobanu was buried at the Progresul Cemetery in Bucharest on May 2, 2019. Before his death, he had declared that he is homosexual. He had two cats but later, he adopted a Sphinx cat.

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Launch Of Collections

Răzvan Ciobanu launched “The Dress” on January 27, 2009. “The Dress” was a spring-summer collection and it entailed 70 evening dresses.

It was very successful and received positive reviews from fashion experts. The likes of  Andreea Raicu, Oana Cuzino, Vali Barbulescu, Dragoș Bucurenci and Mircea Solcanu also took part in the launch of “The Dress”.

Later in 2009, Răzvan Ciobanu also launched the “Preciouss” collection.



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