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“Melcom, Where Ghana Shops”.

In this write up, I am going to show you know the prices of blenders at Melcom Ghana. 

Melcom Ghana Products

Melcom Ghana is one of the best places to purchase your goods anytime you find yourself in Ghana.

Prices are very competitive at Melcom Ghana. It should not surprise you because, Melcom Ghana is the biggest shopping spot in Ghana. Where to buy your goods is not a problem at all because, Melcom Ghana has branches all over Ghana.

Some of the products at Melcom Ghana include:

I guess you are budgeting for a brand new blender. Don’t worry, I will give you all the features of the blenders below. Just get along with me!

Prices Of Blenders At Melcom Ghana

There are different brands of blenders available at Melcom Ghana. Some of the notable brands are: Akai, Phillips, Binatone, Kenwood, Sayona and etc.

Get to know all the prices of these top brands here.

Binatone Gourmet & Yam/fufu Pounder GM500

This 3 litre Binatone Gourmet comes with a total power of 1500 W, a heating power of 1000 W and a blending power of 500 W. It also comes with a viable speed, temperature and time controls. Other accessories attached to it include: a 3L Bowl, Steamer Tray, 90ml Measuring Cup, Butterfly Stirring Attachment & Spatula.

It is a multifunctional machine. It can be employed in: Boiling, Steaming, Stewing, Pounding, Chopping, Mincing, Whipping, Emulsifying.

The Binatone Gourmet & Yam/fufu Pounder GM500 goes for GH₵ 1,449. 00

Philips Food Processor

The Philips Food Processor posseses a 2.1L capacity bowl and a 1L capacity blender jar. It comes with a 700 W processing power. The motor within this blender is capable of handling a variety of ingredients. For instance: bread dough, hard vegetables, cheese, chocolate and etc.

Multifunctional: For Kneading, Whisking, Shredding, Slicing and etc. 

The Phillips Food Processor goes for GH₵ 699. 00

Kenwood Smoothie Maker BLM05.A0BK

GH₵ 299. 00

Binatone Blender With Mill Blg-595

GH₵ 269. 00

Sayona Blender 4 In 1 400w SB-3555

GH₵ 239. 00

Binatone Blender 1.5l 450w G560

GH₵ 259.00

Akai Blender With Mill Bd0191da303

GH₵ 199.00

Akai Kitchen Machine 5L 600W KM001A-5005

GH₵ 549.00

Moulinex Blendforce Blender With Mill 2L 600W White Lm422127

GH₵ 369.00

Price Of Blender At Melcom Ghana

Check all other blenders and their prices here. 

Contact Information Of Melcom Ghana

You can call Melcom Ghana thru: +233 302 669 386

Also, you can equally email Melcom Ghana at: [email protected]

Locations Of Melcom Ghana

There are lots of Melcom Ghana branches across Ghana. Find all of them here. However, check the location/address of the main office of Melcom Ghana below.

Accra Central Branch

Opera Square, Accra.

P. O. Box 3920,

Accra- Ghana.

Social Media Handles Of Melcom Ghana

All the same, you can connect Melcom Ghana Branch through their various social media handles at:

Melcom Ghana Facebook:

Melcom Ghana Twitter:



Melcom Ghana Instagram:

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