Polytank Rambo 500 Prices In Ghana. Full Details

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In this post, I am going to bring you accurate polytank rambo 500 prices in Ghana and other neccesary information worth knowing about Polytank Rambo. 

Water is a vital component of our life. It is impossible to live without it. Because machines are utilized to provide water to us in Ghana, they may fail at times. As a result, proper water storage has become extremely important. Almost every residence in Ghana has some form of water storage. Rainwater is also collected for usage. That is why many people now use polytanks. 

About Polytank Ghana Limited 

Polytank Ghana Limited is the country’s largest and most well-known manufacturer of water tanks and other containers such as dustbins, multi-purpose bins, biodigesters, septic tanks, mobile toilets, pallets, fish farming tanks, industrial trolleys, road barriers, poly kiosks, flower pots, and other items. Polytank Ghana Limited contributes to water storage by supplying Ghanaians with long-lasting, low-cost water tanks.

Polytank Ghana Limited was the first company in Ghana to introduce huge transportable water tanks. They are a forerunner in the plastic water storage tank sector, not just in Ghana, but throughout Africa.

For your home, workplace, business, or project site, Polytank Ghana offers robust, dependable, and economical plastic water storage containers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Choose from their selection of water tanks, which includes the Rambo, Hippo, and Sumo tanks. With capacities ranging from 200 to 30,000 liters. Chemicals such as petrochemicals, medicines, and alcoholic beverages can all be stored in these tanks.

Polytank Ghana can be reached at [email protected].

Polytank Rambo Series 

Rambo poly tanks are durable plastic containers used mainly for water storage. They come in different colors and sizes which means there’s a Rambo tank for whatever capacity of water or liquid you wish to store.

Polytank Rambo 500 Prices In Ghana

Polytank Ghana, offers the best prices for the different types of the Rambo series tanks from Rambo 20, 100, up to 30,000. According to the website of Polytank Ghana, Rambo 500 is now sold at GH₵ 2,620.00 on the market. 


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