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Paul Morgan was known to be a Jewish Austrian actor and Kabarett performer. He was born on October 1, 1886. Even though much information is not available about him as of now, it is known that he made appearances in a lot of films before his death. Paul Morgan was reported dead on December 10, 1938.

He was said to have died in the Buchenwald concentration camp. Some of the films to the credit of Paul Morgan include The Gentleman Without a Residence (1915), The Mistress of the World, Part VI (1919), Countess Doddy (1919), Prostitution (1919), Around the World in Eighty Days (1919), Diamonds (1920), Respectable Women (1920), Kurfürstendamm (1920), Four Around a Woman (1921), Peter Voss, Thief of Millions (1921), Hedda Gabler (1925), The Girl with a Patron (1925), The Elegant Bunch (1925), Cock of the Roost (1925), Love and Trumpets (1925), The Flower Girl of Potsdam Square (1925) and The Red Mouse (1926).

Other films that form part of the filmography of Paul Morgan are Vienna – Berlin (1926), When She Starts, Look Out (1926), The Third Squadron (1926), Circus Romanelli (1926), The Bank Crash of Unter den Linden (1926), The Pride of the Company (1926), The World Wants To Be Deceived (1926), We’ll Meet Again in the Heimat (1926), Darling, Count the Cash (1926), The Brothers Schellenberg (1926), The Queen of the Baths (1926), The Three Mannequins (1926), The Divorcée (1926), Trude (1926), The Schimeck Family (1926), We Belong to the Imperial-Royal Infantry Regiment (1926) , Family Gathering in the House of Prellstein (1927) and Radio Magic (1927).

Paul Morgan’s Biography, Wikipedia

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Paul Morgan’s Age, Birth Date

Paul Morgan was born on October 1, 1886. He was 52 years old at the time of his death

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Paul Morgan’s Parents

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