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Paola Maria, a well-known German web video producer and actress of Italian heritage, was born in Italy on October 13, 1993. She is well recognized for her entertaining YouTube channel. Her online persona, characterized by captivating material pertaining to fashion, makeup, lifestyle, and vlogs, has successfully attracted a devoted audience of younger viewers.

Early Life and Career

In October 2013, Paola Maria started her digital career by launching her YouTube account under the moniker “Paola Maria.” She started a business at the age of 20 that would quickly grow to be a prominent platform for her audience to hear her opinions on a variety of subjects.

Paola Maria’s YouTube channel has a diverse range of video, primarily centered around beauty-related topics. Young viewers interested in fashion, makeup, and lifestyle trends frequently visit her channel since she has amassed a varied library of films that appeal to her audience throughout the years.

Beyond the showiness and glamor, Paola Maria demonstrated a readiness to divulge intimate details of her life. In 2014, she posted a video to YouTube called “The Truth About My Father,” in which she opened out about having a difficult upbringing due to her aggressive father.

Paola Maria’s popularity expanded beyond the digital realm when she became part of the “Gang Tour.” From May 1st to May 26th, 2016, she, along with other prominent YouTubers, toured Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, making stops at 17 different locations. This tour not only showcased her offline presence but also strengthened her connection with fans in real-life settings.

Paola Maria made an appearance on the quiz show “Who knows something like that?” on January 21, 2020.

Paola Maria’s YouTube channel, which boasts an amazing subscriber count of over 1.7 million, is still a popular destination for lifestyle fans. Her sustained success in the cutthroat field of online content creation can be attributed to her ability to relate to her audience and her sincere and approachable style.

Who is Paola Maria’s Boyfriend?

Paola Maria is possibly single at the moment after her breakup with Alexander Sascha Koslowski. Alexander is a YouTuber of the comedic duo The Outsiders. He was in a relationship with Paola where they got married in September 2017 and separated in 2022. The couple shares two sons born in 2018 and 2020.


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