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Oliver Masucci is a renowned actor recognized for his captivating performances on stage and in cinema. His career has been defined by diversity, spanning from outstanding theatrical performances to noteworthy appearances in film and television.


Oliver Masucci was born in Stuttgart, Germany, on December 6, 1968. Masucci attended the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Gymnasium in Bonn, Germany, where he formed a lasting friendship with fellow actor Joachim Kretzer. Born to an Italian father and a German mother, Masucci’s upbringing involved managing several family restaurants in Bonn.

From 1990 to 1994, he studied at the Berlin University of the Arts to further his love of acting. Masucci developed his skills during this period, setting the groundwork for a fruitful creative career.

Masucci started a theatrical journey, performing at prestigious theaters in Germany and Switzerland. His travels began in Basel (1995), continued to the Munich Kammerspiele (2001), Schauspiel Hannover (2000–2005), Schauspielhaus Bochum (2003–2005), and Schauspielhaus Hamburg (1996–2002). Rich layers were added to his creative repertoire by his attendance at the Zurich Schauspielhaus and the Salzburg Festival (2005–2009).

Masucci’s theatrical career reached its zenith in 2009 when he became a member of Vienna’s esteemed Burgtheater group. Throughout the following seven years, he made remarkable appearances in critically praised plays including “War and Peace,” “Solaris,” “The Ancestor,” and “The Trojan Horse,” demonstrating his adaptability and mastery of a wide range of characters.

Masucci made a name for himself on stage and then moved smoothly onto the big screen. His big break came in the 2004 movie “The Blood of the Templars,” in which he played “Ares de Saintclair.” Federico Baxmeyer’s short film “The Red Jacket” (2002) won a “Student Oscar,” contributing to Masucci’s initial notoriety.

Masucci’s career took a major turn in 2015 when “He’s Back,” a film in which he played Adolf Hitler with captivating authenticity, was released. Roles such as “Ugly Joey” and the television crime thriller “Deadly Secrets” further demonstrated his dedication to his art.

Masucci received widespread praise in 2017 for his performance in the critically acclaimed Netflix series “Dark.” He demonstrated his acting talent to a global audience by fully immersing himself in intricate characters and themes.

Masucci’s performance of renowned director Rainer Werner Fassbinder in “Enfant Terrible” (2020) was the apex of his cinematic career. Masucci won awards for the biopic, which was directed by Oskar Roehler. It was awarded the German Film Prize as well as the Bavarian Film Prize.

Masucci has authored books in addition to his performing accomplishments. His autobiography “Dreamer Dancer: A Guest Worker’s Tale,” which was published in 2023, offers insights into his life, career, and the events that inspired it.

How old is Oliver Masucci?

Oliver Masucci was born on December 6, 1968. As of 2023, he is 55 years old.

Oliver Masucci Height

Oliver Masucci stands at a height of 6 feet, 1 ½ inches (1.87 m).




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