With approximately 220 million baptized members, the Eastern Orthodox Church, also known as the Orthodox Church, is the second-largest Christian church, operating as a communion of autocephalous congregations, each governed by its bishops and adherents in local synods. Eastern Orthodox theology is based on holy tradition, which incorporates the dogmatic decrees of the seven ecumenical councils, the Scriptures, and the teaching of the Church Fathers. It is one of the world’s oldest surviving religious institutions. The church teaches that it is the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church founded by Jesus Christ in his Great Commission and that its bishops are Christ’s apostles’ successors.

Most orthodox churches in Ghana arose as a result of events that occurred between 1884 and 1982. Eastern Orthodox Christianity believers and religious communities in Ghana are referred to as Eastern Orthodox Christians. The Eastern Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and all of Africa has ecclesiastical jurisdiction over the majority of Eastern Orthodox Christians in Ghana.

Below is the list of some orthodox churches in Ghana;

St. Mark Coptic Oriental Orthodox Church in Accra, Ghana – Church of Egypt

Address: Achimota overheard 51, Motorway ( George Bush Highway), Achimota, Accra, Ghana., At 4266 Accra, Ghana.

Tel: +233205338317.

Service hours: 8:30 am to 11:30 am on Saturdays and Sundays

Emmanuel Presby Church, Koforidua


Address: Suhum P.O.BOX SU 6, Ghana

Coordinate:  6.0407041, -0.4524085

Phone: +233 20 300 2954

Saint Nicolas Orthodox Church, Accra

Location: Kpone Katamanso, Greater Accra, Ghana

Address: Fishing Harbour Rd, Tema, Ghana

Coordinate : 5.664176, 0.0421026

Compound Code : M27R+MR Tema, Ghana

Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Calvary Congregation

Location: Haatso

 Saint George Coptic Christian Orthodox Church

Presbyterian Church of Ghana – Shikpontele

Evangelical Lutheran Church

Religious Society of Friends

Ghana Mennonite Church

Greek Orthodox Church

Orthodox Catholic Church, Afranse

Larteh Orthodox Church

Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Ebenezer Congregation-Adawso

Holy Church Of Ghana

Saviour Church of Ghana

Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Emmanuel Congregation, Nsawam

Divine Apostolic Church of Ghana


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