How To Open A Pharmacy Shop In Ghana.

You are here probably because you want to know how to start a pharmacy in Ghana. Pharmacy business is one of the most capital-intensive businesses in Ghana. Hundreds of Ghana Cedis/dollars is required to open a pharmacy shop in Ghana.

The good news also is that, pharmacy in Ghana is one of the most lucrative businesses one can venture into. It is one of the few businesses that promises hundred percent returns.

Opening a pharmacy ensures everyday cashflow. The demand for drugs is always there as people seek to attain the highest quality of life on daily basis.

In Ghana starting a pharmacy can be done in two main ways.

  1. Starting right from scratch
  2. Upgrading a chemical store/drug store to pharmacy level


Steps to start a pharmacy in Ghana

The complete guide on how to commence a pharmacy business can be categorized into the following:

  1. Write a business plan
  2. Get a space
  3. Get the requisite licensing
  4. Stock the pharmacy with drugs
  5. Staffing (employ workers)
  6. Start selling
  • Writing a business plan

A business plan is a roadmap to success in every business. Right from the start, you need to craft a comprehensive business plan for the pharmacy business you want to establish.

It should have an executive summary, financial projections, competition analysis, operations plan, management and staffing. If you need professional business plan you can contact us on +233266436881.


  • Getting a space

You need to get a space that complies with the guidelines set by the Pharmacy council.  The space/structure must have the following properties.

  • Must be made of brick and mortar.
  • Must be structurally and geographically permanent.
  • Must have a washroom
  • The distance between the proposed site and other retail pharmacies shall be 400m by radius
  • The size of the proposed premises shall be at least 36sqm and ceiling height of at least 3.2m
  • Adequate ventilation and lighting shall be provided.
  • Well painted/polished shelves, counters and walls with washable floor.
  • Appropriate storage facilities for all products available.
  • A well-written signboard bearing the Pharmacy’s name.

The space/shop must have:

  • a main customer area
  • dispensary
  • office
  • a counseling area

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  • Getting the requisite licensing

To successfully start and operate a pharmacy in Ghana, you have to get the necessary licensing from the Pharmacy Council of Ghana.

Presently the are only two types of pharmacy licenses issued in Ghana. They are wholesale and retail licensing.

The Council registers five (5) kinds of Pharmacies in Ghana, namely:

  • Retail Pharmacies
  • Wholesale Pharmacies
  • Retail and Wholesale Pharmacies
  • Pharmacies within hospitals, clinics, and any other facility that requires a pharmacy.
  • Manufacturing Wholesale Pharmacies

The focus of this post is centered on retail pharmacies.

Basic Requirements to start a pharmacy in Ghana

  • Must be supervised by a registered pharmacist with at least 12 months of post-registration practice
  • All required documents must be filled and submitted (business registration certificate, companies code, certificate to commence business, etc).

registered pharmacist

Application to operate a pharmacy is made by duly completing and submitting the prescribed application forms. Obtain and complete an application form any Pharmacy Council office near you.

An application fee is supposed to be paid at the point of submission. A site inspection will be done by officers of the regional offices of the Pharmacy Council after which a recommendation will be made to the Council.

If the application is approved by the Pharmacy Council the applicant shall be duly notified in writing and allowed six (6) months to prepare the premises for a final premises inspection.

The final inspection report is submitted to the Registrar and if the premises conforms to specifications and other conditions stated in Section 3.0 of this document, the applicant shall pay the prescribed registration fee for the issue of the licence.


  • Stocking

After you’ve completed all the above process, you are required to stock the pharmacy with drugs for selling to commence. Pharmacies in Ghana are permitted to supply all classes of medicines, that is:

You can purchase medicines at wholesale prices from any of the certified pharmaceutical companies in Ghana. Examples are Ernest Chemist, Tobinko Pharmaceuticals, Oson’s Chemist, Kina Pharma, etc.


  • Staffing. Employing Workers

Pharmacy requires pharmacy technicians, pharmacists and medicine counter assistant to operate. Employ adequate number of staff to man the shop.


  • Selling and operating the pharmacy

Once all the above are done it is time to start selling to the general public. Pharmacy business is a good one that promises high profits. Operating it well ensures that it is always in good standing.


  • Keeping Records

Clear, readily available records must be kept on each sale/supply made. The record shall indicate date of supply, customer, product name and quantity. The records should be retained for the statutory period in force for the product concerned.

Now it’s time to hear from you. Do you intend starting a pharmacy soon or knowing someone who wants to? Share this great piece with them.

We’ll be glad to have a conversation with you. Just leave a comment below. Thanks for passing by.

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  1. I am a nurse at the moment and am hoping to open a pharmacy ; please how do I go about it
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  2. I’m a health worker precisely a nurse and I want to start a drug store your article has given me an insight but I would want an assistant to direct me on how to start everything. Thank you

    Hoping to hear from you.

  3. This is a great piece of information. Is there an email we can contact you on for more information especially with regards to the business plan.

  4. Thank you for this post. This is a business that I am looking forward to going into, and your article has been a big eye opener. I would like to know the processes involved when I am not a pharmacist, but want to open a pharmacy shop.


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