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German-Polish freelance journalist Olivia Kortas is well-known in the world of international journalism. Passionate about migration, crises, and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, her work explores intricate geopolitical concerns and offers a priceless viewpoint on world politics. Her career as a journalist has led her to many different parts of the globe, and some of the most prominent media sources in Europe greatly value her observations. She was born in 1995 in Much.

Educational Background

Olivia Kortas’s academic background is broad and interdisciplinary, enabling her to critically evaluate and understand world events. She studied communication science and psychology at Munich’s esteemed Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. Her pursuit of knowledge did not, however, end there. She continued to DMJX in Aarhus, Denmark, and HU Utrecht in the Netherlands, where she graduated with honors in international journalism.

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Olivia’s dedication to bringing important global issues to light is seen in her work. Her areas of interest are migration, crisis management, and the intricacies of Central and Eastern Europe. The importance of her job becomes clear when she delves into these complex topics and offers unbiased, perceptive, and in-depth reporting.

She has been to several nations throughout the years to cover important stories. She has been assigned to places as varied as Iraq, Kenya, Uganda, Russia, and Ukraine. Her first-hand knowledge of several nations has given her the ability to provide a comprehensive analysis of world events and their ramifications.

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Olivia resided in Warsaw, Poland, from 2018 to 2021, when she undertook the challenge of deciphering the complexities of Polish politics and society. Her incisive investigative abilities resulted in coverage of important topics including the assault on the legal system, the socioeconomic context of three pivotal elections, and in-depth reporting on the large-scale demonstrations against more restrictive abortion legislation. Her work in Poland improved her knowledge of the political climate there and its implications for the larger European setting.

Olivia Kortas has received acclaim for her work from some of the most esteemed media publications in Europe. Prominent journals like The Economist, Al Jazeera English, Die Zeit, Der Standard, F.A.Z. and F.A.S., Tygodnik Powszechny, De Groene Amsterdammer, MDR, Deutsche Welle, and De Standaard have published her pieces. Through these channels, she may influence the global discourse on important issues and reach a large audience.

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Current Base

Even though Olivia’s work has taken her across countries, she presently resides in Berlin, Germany. Her location in the center of Europe enables her to keep up her wide network of connections and keep a close eye on the shifting political and social landscape of Europe.




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