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Nurse Assistant Clinical Salary In Ghana, Full Details. June 2023

In modern times, health assistants play a vital role in the running of health facilities. They reduce the workload on professional nurses by administering drugs and attending to patients under the supervision of the nurses. 

To become a health assistant clinical, you have to undertake a two-year program designed to provide you with the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to enter the health care system as a Practical Nurse. 

In this post, I will take you through the monthly salary of Nurse Assistant Clinical in Ghana but before that, take your time to read some of the duties of Nurse Assistant Clinicals you probably didn’t know.

Duties Of A Health Assistant Clinical 

Below are some of the duties of health assistant clinical.

  • Documentation of nursing procedure
  • Patients education 
  • Feeding 
  • Bed making 
  • The dusting of the ward
  • Taking vital signs (respiration, temperature, pulse and blood)
  • Assist nurses in serving medications 
  • Washing and cleaning 

Components Of Their Salary

  • Single spine salary structure
  • SS market premium
  • Covid 19 income tax waiver

Salary Deductions 

  • Income tax 
  • Social security contribution
  • Nurse fund union deduction
  • GRNA dues
  • Nurses building levy deduction
  • SIC policy fund

Nurse Assistant Clinical Salary In Ghana

From my little in-depth research, I found out that Nurse Assistant Clinical earns an average monthly salary of GHS 1,472.00

The monthly salary given is considered manageable. 

However, due to the high cost of living in recent times, most Nurse Assistant Clinicals opt for second or part-time jobs or even start their businesses. 

Note: This figure may vary per head due to several factors such as work experience, qualification, job experience and rank in the field. 

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