NSMQ 2022 Live Updates. June 2022

NSMQ 2022 Updates: The following senior high schools have successfully qualified to the next stage of the 2022 National Science And Maths Quiz (NSMQ) competition. At this juncture of the NSMQ 2022 competition, we are climaxing the regional championship as we enter the finals. See the results obtained below.

NSMQ 2022 Regions

These schools have been selected from the following regions: 

  • Bono Region
  • Western Region
  • Ahafo Region
  • Western North Region
  • Bono East Region
  • Central Region
  • Upper West Region
  • Upper East Region
  • Eastern Region
  • North East Region
  • Northern Region
  • Savannah Region
  • Volta Region
  • Oti Region
  • Ashanti Region
  • Greater Accra Region

NSMQ 2022 Finals

Let’s see those who have qualified to the 2022 NSMQ finale.

NSMQ 2022 Qualified Schools

Greater Accra Region 2022 NSMQ

NSMQ 2022 Live Updates 1

Presec, Legon Vs Chemu SHS Vs West Africa SHS

Below is the results obtained from Greater Accra Region.

Round One (1)

  • Presec, Legon: 16 Points
  • Chemu SHS: 08 Points
  • West Africa SHS: 08 Points
  • Labone SHS: 05 Points

Round Two (2)

  • Presec, Legon: 25 Points
  • Chemu SHS: 06 Points
  • West Africa SHS: 05 Points
  • Labone SHS: 05 Points

Round Three (3)

  • Presec, Legon: 38 Points
  • Chemu SHS: 16 Points
  • West Africa SHS: 15 Points
  • Labone SHS: 15 Points

Round Four (4)

  • Presec, Legon: 38 Points
  • Labone SHS: 21 Points
  • Chemu SHS: 16 Points
  • West Africa SHS: 15 Points

From the round four (4) results, it can be seen that Presec, Legon tops the group with 38 Points as they outshine the likes of Labone SHS, Chemu SHS and West Africa SHS. 

With regards to that, Presec Legon will represent Greater Accra Region in the next stage of the National Science And Maths Quiz competition which will begin in October 2022. Congratulations to Presec Legon for becoming the 2022 NSMQ Regional Championship winners.

Ashanti Region 2022 NSMQ

Opuku Ware Vs Kumasi High School Vs Osei Tutu SHS

Below is the results obtained from Greater Accra Region.

Round One (1)

  • Kumasi High School: 19 Points
  • Osei Tutu SHS: 14 Points
  • Opoku Ware School: 14 Points

Round Two (2)

  • Opoku Ware School: 29 Points
  • Kumasi High School: 23 Points
  • Osei Tutu SHS: 12 Points

Round Three (3)

  • Opoku Ware School: 39 Points
  • Kumasi High School: 36 Points
  • Osei Tutu SHS: 10 Points

Round Four (4)

  • Opoku Ware School: 42 Points
  • Kumasi High School: 39 Points
  • Osei Tutu SHS: 13 Points

With respect to the round four (4) results, it is obvious that Opoku Ware tops the group with 42 Points as they outshine the likes of Kumasi High School and Osei Tutu SHS. Therefore, they are going to represent Ashanti Region in the next stage of the NSMQ competition. 

Eastern Region 2022 NSMQ

At end of the contest, St. Peter’s SHS emerged as the 2022 NSMQ Eastern regional champions. 

  • St. Peter’s SHS: 42 Points
  • Mpraeso SHS: 42 Points
  • Presby SHTS, Aburi: 32 Points

Volta Region Oti Zonal

Bishop Herman College are the regional champions after beating the likes of sonrise christian high school and mawuli school. They secured 51  points to earn the the ticket to the next level of the competition.

Stay in touch, you will be updated on any possible development. 



NSMQ 2022 Live Updates 2
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