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National Investment Bank investment packages. May 2023

About National Investment Bank

National Investment Bank (NIB) is one of the renowned and long lasting banks in Ghana. Over the years, NIB has thrived hard to improve their customer services. This is the main reason why NIB is one of the best banks out there.

National Investment Bank Operations

National Investment Bank is a principal loaner to: the building and construction sector, the manufacturing sector, the agro-processing sector and the service industry as well.

The multiple award winning bank also has some lucrative investment packages for their clients and I will like to walk you through some of these lucrative investment packages. This may be very helpful and so, take some chill pill and go through this post vividly. 

National Investment Bank investment Packages

Investment is simply “the outlay of money usually for income or profit”. Below are some of the investment packages available at National Investment Bank.

Fixed Deposit (FD)

Fixed Deposit is one of the investment packages available at National Investment Bank.

Individuals and Firms can open a Fixed Deposit account and benefit from the monies they save at NIB for a specific period of time with maturity.

Individuals and Firms who invest in this Fixed Deposit, accrue higher interest rate than mere depositing of monies in a saving account.

Call Deposits

Call Deposits are another lucrative investment packages available for clients who want to invest at National Investment Bank.

This investment package is meant for clients who have interest in making cash lodgments for an unspecified period of time while accruing high returns. The rates on Call Deposits are negotiable per the degree or level of investment. 

Funds Management & Custodial Services

National Investment Bank takes in charge of funds management for individuals and firms who require these services. 

Funds lodged periodically by these individuals and firms, are invested and managed by NIB to accrue high interests.

Treasury Bills, Notes & Bonds

National Investment Bank buys treasury securities released by the Government of Ghana on behalf of their clients. These securities have very appealing returns and are viewed as risk free for customers.

Treasury bills are short-to-medium term investments that require low startup capital and thus allow a wide collection of investors to partake. Treasury bills normally have maturities of not more than 1 year while Bonds usually have maturities of between 2 and 5 years. Notes also have maturities of between 1 and 2 years.

Funds Management & Custodial Services

NIB assume funds management for individuals and firms who require these services. Funds lodged periodically by these customers are invested and managed by NIB to attract high interests.

National Investment Bank Contact Information

Please for further enquires on any of the aforementioned investment packages, contact NIB thru:

(Lan): +233 3026 61701-10

(Mob): 0244989652/0208383433

Fax: +233 3026 61713

Email: [email protected]

Branches Of National Investment Bank

The bank has branches scattered throughout Ghana. Check all the branches of NIB here. 

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