Asbestos Cement Pipe Specifications


In here, I mean in this article, you are going to know more about an asbestos, an asbestos cement pipe and also, the specifications of an abestos cement sewer pipe constructed for use as nonpressure lines in conveyancing sewage wastes. 

About Asbestos Cement Pipe

Asbestos is a soft gray mineral which does not burn and it has been used mostly as a building material in the past.

Asbestos Cement Pipe is also known as transite pipe. It is designed to have a tubular shape and it is a cement liquid transportation vessel. 

Asbestos is actually used to make an asbestos cement pipe. In other words, the chief component of an asbestos cement pipe is asbestos (a soft gray mineral which does not burn).

Usually, traditional cement pipes have low tensile strength and so, in order to improve their mechanical properties, asbestos is added.

Across many parts of the world, asbestos cement pipes have been utilized for water supply works. Many prefer to use asbestos cement pipes because of their resistance to corrosion. 

Usually, the internal and external parts of most steel and cast iron pipes undergo corrosion as time goes on. Consequently, this does not make their (steel and cast iron pipes) use appealing to most people.

However, this “corrosion” problem does not occur in asbestos cement pipes. This is the main reason why many prefer to use asbestos cement pipes for liquid transportation instead of steel and cast iron pipes.

But one setback of asbestos cement pipes is that, they undergo thinning as time goes on. This has resulted in frequent replacement of existing asbestos cement pipe systems and this comes at a cost.

Some Uses Of Asbestos Cement Pipe
  • It is used for transporting drinking water.
  • It is used for transporting waste liquids.
  • It is used for transporting gases.
  • It is used for transporting fumes.
Specifications Asbestos Cement Pipe
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First of all, let’s proceed from the requirements for the construction of abestos cement sewer pipe. These will be placed in; classes, sizes, length, couplings and materials.

1. Classes

Asbestos-cement sewer pipe shall be constructed in five strength classes and these will be assigned as Class 1500, Class 2400, Class 3300, Class 4000, and Class 5000.

2. Sizes

Asbestos-cement sewer pipe shall be constructed, having inside diameters of six, eight, ten, and twelve inches in Class 1500; six, eight, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, 18, 20, and 24 inches in Class 2400; six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, 18, 20, 24, and 30 inches in Class 3300; ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, 18, 20, 24, 30, and 36 inches in Class 4000 and Class 5000.

3. Length

A. Standard lengths. 

Apparently, the standard length for asbestos-cement sewer pipe is 10 feet and/or 13 feet in sizes 6 and 8 inches in Class 1500, and thirteen feet in all other sizes and classes.

B. Short lengths. 

Short lengths, which are employed in making rigid connections to fittings or structures shall not transcend 6 feet and 6 inches.

4. Couplings 

5. Materials 

Check the full specifications here

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