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Max Adalbert was known to be a German stage and film actor. Max Adalbert was born on February 19, 1874, but unfortunately, he died on September 7, 1933. It must be noted that he was born in Danzig (Gdansk), Imperial Germany and his father was said to be a Prussian Officer.

Max Adalbert’s debut on stage was in 1894 when he was just 19 years. He made his debut at the theater of Lübeck at the municipal theater of Barmen. He also made appearances in St.Gallen, Nuremberg and Vienna. It must be noted that Max Adalbert relocated to  Berlin in 1899.

While in Berlin, he worked at the Residenztheater and came into contact with Curt Bois. With the passage of time, he became a comedian and was instrumental in the formation of the popular Kabarett der Komiker in December 1924.

Max Adalbert made an appearance at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin and played the role of the central character of Carl Zuckmayer’s Der Hauptmann von Köpenick .
He died of pneumonia while in Munich for a guest performance.

He was subsequently buried at the Stahnsdorf South-Western Cemetery near Berlin. Some of the films he was featured in include Judith Trachtenberg(1920), The Indian Tomb(1921), The Golden Bullet(1921), Lady Hamilton(1921), Destiny(1921), The Story of Christine von Herre(1921), The Blockhead(1921), and The Kwannon of Okadera(1921).

Others are The Kwannon of Okadera(1921), Dr. Mabuse the Gambler(1922), The Flame(1923) and Three Days Confined to Barracks(1930).

Max Adalbert played the role of Wilhelm Voigt in The Captain from Köpenick(1931), and Gottlieb Weigelt in My Leopold (1931). His presence was also felt in Errant Husbands(1931), The Scoundrel(1931), My Heart Longs for Love(1931), The Champion Shot(1932), A Mad Idea (1932) and Laughing Heirs(1933).

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Max Adalbert’s Biography, Wikipedia,

Max Adalbert’s details and biography are available on Wikipedia.

Max Adalbert’s Age, Birth Date.

Max Adalbert was born on February 19, 1874. He was 59 years old when he died.

Max Adalbert’s Height, Weight,

Details about the height and weight of Max Adalbert are currently not available.

Max Adalbert’s Net Worth

Max Adalbert’s Net Worth is yet to be updated.

Max Adalbert’s Parents,

Much details are not available about Max Adalbert’s parents. However, his father was said to be a Prussian Officer.

Max Adalbert’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

Details about Max Adalbert’s girlfriend, wife or children are yet to be updated.

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