Massimo Boldi Girlfriend: Full Details

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Massimo Boldi is an Italian stand-up comedian, drummer and actor. Massimo Boldi was born on July 23 1945 in Lucino . However, in 1955, the family of Massimo Boldi relocated to Milan. While in Milan, Massimo Boldi joined evening classes and began working as a window-dresser .

He also worked as a door-to-door salesman for a pastry company. It is known that in 1968, he started performing in cabaret.
It must be noted that Massimo Boldi made an entry into the field of show business and entertainment as a drummer.

He played in the group I Mimitoki but subsequently joined La Pattuglia Azzurra that was well-known. He also played as a drummer in Gino Paoli’s orchestra and other bands. The drumming career of Massimo Boldi took him to Derby Club set up in 1959.

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It was a jazz venue set up by Gianni Bongiovanni and his wife Angela. Massimo Boldi performed with a lot of artistes and some of them wereEnzo Jannacci, Cochi e Renato, Giorgio Gaber, Bruno Lauzi, Umberto Bindi, Gino Paoli, Paolo Villaggio, Walter Waldi and Enrico Intra.

Massimo Boldi later became a stand-up comedian based on the suggestion of Bongiovanni .
He played some roles in some films in the 1970s and 1980s. His major breakthrough was in 1984 when he was featured in Carlo Verdone’s I due Carabinieri. Subsequently, he was also featured in Scuola di ladri, and Yuppies.

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It must be noted that Massimo Boldi co-starred with Christian De Sica in several movies over a 20-year period. They made a total of 24 movies and some of them wereVacanze di Natale, A spasso nel tempo (1996), Paparazzi (1998), Tifosi (“Fans”) (1999) and Christmas in Love (2004). As of 2022, their films had grossed 300 billion lire($150 million). Massimo Boldi decided to run for the Italian Socialist Party during the 1992 elections. He abandoned the decision and got back into acting.


Some of the films to the credit of Massimo Boldi are Yuppies 2 (1986), Grand Hotel (1986, TV series), Missione eroica – I pompieri 2 (1987), Scuola di ladri parte seconda (1987), Montecarlo Gran Casinò (1987), Il volatore di Aquiloni (1987), Fantastico 8 (1987, TV series) and Mia moglie è una bestia (1988)
Others are Ma tu di che segno sei? (2014), Matrimonio al Sud (2015), La coppia dei campioni (2016), Un Natale al Sud (2016), Natale da chef (2017), Amici come prima (2018) and In vacanza su Marte (2020).

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Massimo Boldi Girlfriend

Massimo Boldi was married to Marisa Selo. Marisa Selo was the cousin of Formula one driver Michele Alboreto. She died on April 8, 2004. Massimo Boldi was in a relationship with Irene Fornaciari from Lucca who was quite younger. They were together for sometime but then they separated even though Massimo Boldi had intentions of marrying her.

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