Maria de Filippi Engaged: Full Details

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Maria de Filippi was born on December 5, 1961, and she can be described as an Italian television host. She is also the owner of the television production company known as Fascino PGT and she is quite a popular presenter. She was born in Milan, Lombardy but grew up in Pavia. Her family moved to Pavia when she was only 10 years old.

Maria de Filippi Engaged

Maria de Filippi was married to Maurizio Costanzo but he died in 2023. They had an adopted son. The late Maurizio Costanzo was a talk show host.

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Over the years, Maria de Filippi has hosted a number of talk shows broadcast by Mediaset’s Canale 5. Since 1993, she has been hosting the talent show Amici on Canale 5. Amici was later changed to Amici di Maria De Fillipo in 2002.

She also hosted Telegatto with Gerry Scotti in 2001 and since 2009, she has been a judge and producer for Italia’s Got Talent.
Over the years, Maria de Filippi has been involved in some films as well as television programs.

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Some of the films to her credit include Finalmente la felicità, I Cesaroni and Christmas on the Nile. With regard to television shows, she is known to have been involved in Amici, Amici di sera, Forum, Uomini e donne and Missione Impossibile.


She also has so many awards to her credit. The awards are 1995 – Telegatto Intrattenimento con ospiti for Amici, 1996 – Telegatto Intrattenimento con ospiti for Amici di sera, 1997 – Telegatto Personaggio femminile dell’anno, 1998 – Telegatto Intrattenimento con ospiti for Accadde domani, 2000 – Telegatto Miglior talk show for C’è posta per te, 2001 – Telegatto Miglior talk show for C’è posta per te and 2002 – Telegatto Miglior reality show for Saranno famosi.

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Others are 2002 – Telegatto Trasmissione dell’anno for Saranno famosi, 2003 – Telegatto Miglior reality show for Amici di Maria De Filippi, 2003 – Telegatto Personaggio femminile dell’anno[, 2008 – Telegatto TeleRatto Speciale di Amianto for Amici di Maria De Filippi[, 2011 – Wind Music Award Premio Speciale “Arena di Verona” and 2021 – Seat Music Award Premio Speciale


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