Marina Ripa di Meana Cause of Death: Full Details

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The maiden name of Marina Ripa di Meana was Marina Elide Punturieri. Marina Ripa di Meana was an Italian television stylist, writer and activist born on October 21, 1941.

She is known to have married Lante della Rovere and, subsequently, Ripa di Meana. The father of Marina Ripa di Meana was lawyer Lionello Punturieri and the mother was Vittorina Bedoni. After completing school,

Marina Ripa di Meana started working as a stylist and she opened a high fashion tailor’s shop in Piazza di Spagna , in Rome together with her friend , Paola Ruffo of Calabria.

Some of the works of Marina Ripa di Meana include My first forty years, Milan, Sperling & Kupfer, 1984, The Fairest of All, Milan, Sperling & Kupfer, 1988, Vices, poisons and veils, Milan, A. Mondadori, 1990, The adventures of Marina. Sentimental comic book mystery, drawings by Sandro Rosi, with the collaboration of Laura Badellino, Milan, A. Mondadori, 1992. as well as The Woman Who Invented Herself. Splendours and miseries of life always in the limelight, Milan, Sonzogno, 1994. 

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Others are Blood red sunset, Milan, Mondadori, 1998, The Extreme Life of Francesca Agusta, Cesena, Maretti & Wilde, 2001, Dear Paola my sister, Rome, Gremese, 2004, Cocaine for breakfast. Face to face between Costanzo Costantini & Marina Ripa di Meana on the three cursed painters and the Roman intellectual society of the sixties and seventies , Cesena, Maretti, 2004, Rome at the stake. Biting and ironic stories of sex, drugs, satanic sects and sprawling malpractice, with Costanzo Costantini, Rome, L’airone, 2008, Virginia Agnelli. Mother and Butterfly, with Gabriella Mecucci, Argelato, Minerva, 2010. Marina Ripa di Meana was featured in Murder on the Tiber, directed by Bruno Corbucci (1979) and I Cesaroni – TV series, episode 3×14 (2009).

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She is known to have directed Bad Girls (1992) and served as screenwriter for My First 40 years, directed by Carlo Vanzina (1987), The Fairest of All, directed by Cesare Ferrario (1989) and Bad Girls (1992).

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Marina Ripa di Meana Cause of Death

Marina Ripa di Meana died on January 5, 2018, in Rome. This was after she had undergone deep sedation.

She is believed to have died of kidney cancer as she was diagnosed with the disease in 2002. Marina Ripa di Meana was cremated in the crematorium of the Prima Porta cemetery in Rome.

The husband of  Marina Ripa di Meana,  Carlo Ripa di Meana died again due to cancer just two months later.


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