Marco Giallini First Wife. Full details

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Marco Giallini is an esteemed Italian actor and television personality who was born in Rome on April 4, 1963. He started his acting career at the age of 22 when he joined Rome’s “La Scaletta” theatrical school. Giallini worked with some of the greatest actors in Italy from 1988 to 1996, including Maurizio Panici, Adriano Vianello, Ennio Coltorti, Arnoldo Foà, and Angelo Orlando.


Giallini made his film debut in 1986 in the uncredited part in “Grandi magazzini.” Still, he had to wait until 1995 to play a more prominent part in Angelo Orlando’s feature debut, “L’anno prossimo vado a letto alle dieci,” in which he played a police officer.

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In 1998, Giallini’s fortunes changed when director Marco Risi cast him in “L’ultimo capodanno,” marking his first major film role. Despite not achieving blockbuster success, the film served as a crucial stepping stone in Giallini’s transition from theater to the big screen.

The same year, Giallini earned his first co-protagonist role in Claudio Caligari’s “L’odore della notte,” alongside his colleague and friend Valerio Mastandrea. His career gained momentum in the early 2000s, with notable films like “Almost Blue,” based on Carlo Lucarelli’s novel, and “Tre punto sei,” directed by Nicola Rondolino.

In 2008, Giallini found widespread success with his role as Il Terribile in the TV series “Romanzo Criminale,” airing on Sky Cinema 1. This marked a turning point in his career, leading to diverse roles in television and film.

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Giallini’s television breakthrough came in 2008 with his role in “Romanzo criminale.” Subsequently, he portrayed Ruggiero Perugini in “Il mostro di Firenze” (2009) and contributed to Carlo Verdone’s film “Io, loro e Lara” (2010). In the same period, he joined the cast of the popular police series “La nuova squadra” and starred in Sergio Castellitto’s “La bellezza del somaro” (2010).

His career continued to flourish with films like “Se Dio vuole” (2015) and “Perfetti sconosciuti” (2016). The latter earned him critical acclaim, leading to a David di Donatello nomination and Ciak d’oro award for Best Actor.

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Outside his acting career, Giallini is an avid rock music enthusiast and vinyl collector, with a penchant for bands like The Clash, The Who, and the Sex Pistols. In the early ’80s, he was part of a band, Sandy Banana & The Monitors, covering songs by Joy Division.

Who is Marco Giallini First Wife?

Loredana Giallini is the first wife of Marco Giallini. Loredana passed away in July 2011. The cause of her death was cerebral hemorrhage.


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