Lorenzo Amurri Cause of Death: Full Details

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Lorenzo Amurri can be described as an Italian writer and musician. Lorenzo Amurri was born in 1971. It must be noted that Lorenzo Amurri was born in Rome, Italy and the story that inspired him to become a writer is quite stunning.

While young, Lorenzo Amurri got involved in a skiing accident that left him a quadriplegic. With respect to the skiing accident, it was reported that there was a collision with a chair lift pylon and through the collision, he got paralyzed from the neck down.

It was after the tragic accident that Lorenzo Amurri decided to dedicate himself to writing. Over the years when he was alive and active, he collaborated with a wide range of Italian artists. Some of these artists are Tiromancio and Franco Califani.

With regards to writing, Lorenzo Amurri wrote for a blog and also wrote short stories. One of his stories was published in the collection Amore Caro. It is worth emphasizing that Apnea was Lorenzo Amurri’s first novel. Interestingly, Apnea won the 2015 EU Prize for Literature.

Lorenzo Amurri was from a good family and was also a rock guitarist. Quite unfortunately, the day after the tragic accident of Lorenzo Amurri marked a long period of convalescence for his body and soul.

Initially, he was attended to in an Italian hospital but he was later transferred to a Swiss hospital. Lorenzo Amurri ended up in his parent:s home in Rome. He was always full of self-pity.

Lorenzo Amurri Cause of Death

Lorenzo Amurri was reported to have died on July 12, 2016. He was about 45 years old when he died.

It is quite sad to know that Lorenzo Amurri attempted to commit suicide when his girlfriend broke up with him. Regardless, it is not really known what caused the death of Lorenzo Amurri. He has many wriiten works to his credit.



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