Leoluca Bagarella Brothers and Sisters: Full Details

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Leoluca Bagarella was known to be an Italian criminal and member of the Sicilian Mafia. He was born on February 3, 1942, and he is known to come from  Corleone. He became the head of the stragist strategy faction that was opposed to the faction led by the successor designate Bernardo Provenzano.

Leoluca Bagarella  got captured in 1995 after four years of being a fugitive. Unfortunately, he was imprisoned for the Mafia association and multiple murders. Leoluca Bagarella was reported to have killed police chief Boris Giuliano on July 21, 1979.

Boris Giuliano was shot dead by Leoluca Bagarella while he was having a cappuccino in the Lux Bar in Palermo. He was then waiting for his car to take him to work early in the morning. Boris Giuliano was shot three times in his neck and further received four shots into his back as Leoluca Bagarella stood over his body.

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Subsequently, Leoluca Bagarella escaped but Giuliano’s flying squad commenced investigating him after his hiding place was found. Leoluca Bagarella was also reported to have killed investigative journalist Mario Francese by shooting him five times on January 26, 1979.

This was right infront of his house also in Palermo. He got married to Vincenzina Marchese in 1991but she committed suicide on May 12, 1995. This was as a result of her depressive state after a series of miscarriages.

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Her husband’s involvement in the kidnapping of a 12-year-old Giuseppe Di Matteo as well as her brother Giuseppe Marchese becoming a pentito also contributed in her taking her own life. It must be noted that Leoluca Bagarella got arrested on June 24, 1995, for the murders of Giuliano, Giuseppe Russo, Giuseppe Di Matteo, Antonino Burrafato, Salvatore Caravà, Ignazio Di Giovanni, Simone Lo Manto and Raimondo Mulè.

He was given 13 life sentences in addition to 106 years and ten months, and solitary confinement for 6 years. Subsequently, he was sentenced to a further 28 years in prison on April 20, 2018.

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Leoluca Bagarella Brothers and Sisters

At least Leoluca Bagarella was known to have had two brothers and they were Calogero Bagarella and Giuseppe.Calogero Bagarella died on December 10, 1969 in the Viale Lazio in Palermo.

It  was due to a shoot out with rival mafioso Michele Cavataio and his men, known as the Viale Lazio massacre. Giuseppe was also murdered while he was in prison in 1972. Leoluca Bagarella also had a sister called Antonia.

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