Law Firms In Ghana


In most cases, law firms in Ghana are established by one or more lawyers as business entities. As business entities, law firms in Ghana undertake services such as: drafting of legal documents for their clients (individuals or corporations), giving legal advice to their clients, representing their clients in business transactions and standing for their clients in legal negotiations and court proceedings (lawsuits).

Assuming you have an issue with someone, you may opt to ask a lawyer about the legal implications. The lawyer may then give you a legal advice or even represent you during the judicial processes.

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List Of Law Firms In Ghana

There are many law firms in Ghana than you can think of however, I have compiled a list of some of the noticeable law firms in Ghana for you. 

On a more serious note, the firms are not listed in any specific order and that is not intended to place a higher priority on one firm over the other. There is no criteria for the listing as well. Moreover, the list has not exhausted all the law firms in Ghana. Again, if there are any other law firms in Ghana that you want us to add to the list, contact our editorial team for that. 

For now, below are some of the noticeable law firms in Ghana.

1. JLD & MB Legal Consultancy

JLD & MB Legal Consultancy is a corporate and commercial law firm in Ghana. 

Their advisory services for clients spans across areas such as Oil and Gas, Business Support Services, Telecommunication and Technology, Capital Markets, Complementary Services, Minerals and Mining, Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking and Finance, Aviation and Transportation, Corporate and Commercial Transactions, Infrastructure, Property and Transportation, Complementary Services and, Construction and Real Estate.

Contact Information

Phone number: +233 (0)302 784298 /(0)302 782711

E-mail: [email protected]


2. CQ Legal & Consulting

CQ Legal & Consulting is a law firm as well as a consulting firm.

Their practice areas covers both legal and consulting services. 

The legal services include: Banking, Finance and Capital Markets, Energy, Infrastructure and Projects, Corporate and Commercial, Government Contracts, Restructuring, Insolvency and Recoveries, Intellectual Property, Entertainment, Media and Sports, Technology, Cyber Space Law and Artificial Intelligence, Land, Property and Real Estate, Corporate Governance, Compliance and Company Secretarial, Dispute Resolution. 

Their consulting services include: Consulting Services, Market Entry Services, Capital Introduction and Investment, Enhanced Due Diligence & Business Intelligence, Strategic Communications and Training and Capacity Building. Visit their website: for more details.

Contact Information

Phone number:+233 (0) 55 552 6811

Email: [email protected]

3. Clinton Consulting Partners

Clinton Consulting Partners are one of the law firms in Ghana that have been involved in legal practices for over 30 years. They provide legal services to both local and international clients.

Their services include: Corporate and Commercial, Banking and Finance, Property and Construction, Energy and Infrastructure, Public-Private Partnerships, Technology, Media and Communications, Mergers and Acquisitions, Litigation and Export of Gold and Recovery of funds.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Phone numbers: + 233 27 252 2695/ + 233 55 630 9637/+44 746 951 6271


4. N. Dowuona & Company

N. Dowuona & Company are one of the outstanding law firms in Ghana.

Their practice areas include: Corporate and Commercial, Energy and Infrastructure, Banking and Finance, Energy and Infrastructure, Dispute Resolution, Property and Construction, Corporate Services and etc. Visit their website: for further details.

Contact Information

Phone numbers: +233 202014464/+233 244319936

Email: [email protected]

The following law firms below offer similar services to their clients as the above mentioned ones. Feel free to visit their websites for further details.

5. Audrey Grey

Visit for more information.

Phone numbers: +233 302 913 944/+233 544 830 544

Email: [email protected]

6. Atuguba & Associates

For further details, visit their website:

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +233 509 098 636

7. Legal Ink Lawyers & Notaries

For further details, visit their website:

Phone numbers: +233 (020) 290 9481/+233 (024) 339 5832/+233 (050) 323 4787 and +233 (055) 460 5216.

8. Ark Legal Consult

For further details, visit their website at:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone numbers: +233 277 555 566 / +233 206 363 136

9. Kwaitoo Law Firm
10. Fugar and Company

For further details, visit their websites at:

Phone number: +233 302 679 222

11. Ntrakwah & Co.

For further details, visit their websites at:

Phone numbers: 00 233-302-777068/76

E-mail: [email protected]

For further details, visit their websites at:

Phone number: (616) 528-0007

12. Cartesian Consult Unlimited

For further details, visit their websites

Phone number: +233 24 473 7400

Email: [email protected]/[email protected]

13. Bentsi-Enchill Letsa & Ankomah
14. De Medeiros & Associates
15. B&P Associates
16. Swift Law
17. Darko Law Firm
18. Akufo-Addo, Prempeh & Co
19. Narh Legal Consult
20. Africa Legal Associates

I am convinced that, with the list above, it won’t take you much time to figure out the various law firms in Ghana whenever you need the service of any.

As mentioned earlier, the list has not exhausted all the law firms in Ghana however, the list above is just some few of the many law firms in Ghana.



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