How To Start A Delivery Service In Ghana

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The courier or delivery business in Ghana has come as a source of employment to the teaming youth who are out of work. It is a business venture that requires a low start up capital and it it is a very profitable business if managed well.

In this article, we are walking you through how you can establish your own delivery business and start making some money in Ghana. 

The Critical Things To Consider Before Starting The Business

  1. Niche
  2. A Scooter/ Motorbike or Van
  3. Computer 
  4. A Mobile Phone
  5. Setting up the Business and Getting Customers
  • Niche: It clearly defines the sort of market you want to go into and how you intend to serve your customers. If you have a motorbike or scooter, your niche would be delivering small packages and If you have a  vehicle like a van you can deliver bigger items, known as courier service. 
  • A Scooter/ Motorbike or Van: the motorbike/ van is the major investment you make in the business to get your profit. The motorbike would be used to serve clients and make deliveries at the designated locations.
  • Computer: it is not mandatory to get a computer before you start but as time goes on, you can make provisions for a computer to store your important work files and orders.   
  • Mobile Phone: it a very critical tool needed in the setting up of the business as it would be used as a medium of communication between you and your clients. The mobile phone or the computer can be used to create social media handles for the company to have the presence on social media.
  • Setting up the Business and Getting Customers: Under the constitution, businesses must be registered before they begin operation so in order to avoid having issues do due diligence and register it. The motorbike/van should be branded with the company logo for easy identification. A logo should be created to differentiate yourself from your competitors as customers would call you by how you brand yourself.You also need to carry out some research and check the prices your competitors are charging before you begin. An small office should be also procured as time goes on to make the business more attractive. 

If you are able to get these things ready, good luck to you as you begin your business.

Before you begin, you are advised to set the business in a town or city that is very vibrant in business to make sure you make your profit because when you set it up in a place where the demand is low, you would run at a loss.

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