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Kumasi City Mall, Shops, Contacts & More.. May 2023

Located in Kumasi, Kumasi Mall is a shopping mall in Ghana. The Kumasi Mall is the first mall to have ever started operation in Kumasi.

It is one of the biggest malls in West Africa. The mall is best stocked with goods that are trendy among the people of Ashanti region and Ghana as a whole.

The mall has various stores inside which includes all the various fields of shopping you could think of: restaurants, mobile phone shops, clinic, jewellery shops, etc.

Kumasi Mall Contact Details.

You can reach the central management of Kumasi Mall by this telephone line, +233 242 437083.

The various stores in the mall include the following:

Kumasi Mall Store listing

Shop no. 91

Akenti Restaurant

Tel. 0208000740

Shop no. 83

Dabodabo Restaurant

Tel. 0507476001

Shop no. 87

Biggs Inn

Tel. 0249933196

Shop no.  23

Jivendi Restaurant

Tel. 0244284030

Shop no. 47

Kingdom fine wine

Tel. 0559046146

Shop no. 31

Sweet Roses

Tel. 0508889888

Shop no. 33

Peter Pan

Tel. 0508889888

Shop no. 85

Pice Restaurant

Tel. 0548828222

Shop no. 25

Pinkberry & Icy Cup

Tel. 0505527348

Shop no. 35


Tel. 0282828288

Shop no. 40

Electronic Hub

Tel. 0204328399

Shop no. 71


Tel. 0501563650

Shop no. 70


Tel. 0555723348

Shop no. 99

My Cellphone repairs

Tel.  0558330215

Shop no. 51

Samsung (Compu-Ghana)

Tel. 0242065838

Shop no. 020


Tel. 0244711555

Shop no. 7

Colored Yarns

Tel. 0244795626

Shop no. 48


Tel. 0242640565

Shop no. 14


Tel. 0207555020

Shop no. 66

Gamel Exclusive

Tel. 0240612040

Shop no. 65

Gamel Clodin

Tel. 0240612040

Shop no.17

H & A

Tel. 0208276499

Shop no. 6

Helena Collection

Tel. 0208276499

Shop no. 8


Tel. 0242640565

Shop no. 16

Mabels Kid’s Shop

Tel. 0240612040

Shop no. 46

Suit Plaza

Tel. 0244284030

Shop no.


Tel. 0242640565

Shop no.2

Valevet Box

Tel. 0248812905

Shop no.63

A.B.A African Shop

Tel. 0553552976

Shop no.93

Banana Home

Tel. 0244796914

Shop no.94

MV Accessories

Tel. 0501338984

Shop no.1


Tel. 0556561022

Shop no.53


Tel. 0302740000

Shop no.5


Tel. 0557576495

Shop no. 101

Royal Hair

Tel. 0558876427

Shop no. 59

Royal Hair Beauty Salon

Tel. 0302909560

Shop no.50

Saqs Pharmacy & Clinic

Tel. 0244218881

Shop no.9


Tel. 0269640069

Shop no.42/43


Tel. 0248005300

Shop no.36

Andysarp Pop-up

Tel. 0208228311

Shop no.29


Tel. 0244407938

Shop no.39

Casino Nevada

Tel. 0246655550

Shop no.19

Let’s Play

Tel. 0245603958

Shop no.21

Let’s Play E-Sports

Tel. 0245603958

Shop no.38

Orange 107.9

Tel. 0272234444

Shop no.203

The Basement

Tel. 0540298629

 Shop no.49

bar and lounge

Tel. 0542198287

Shop no.49

Watch n Dine Cinema

Tel. 0542198287

Shop no.10

Kingdom Books

Tel. 0501609135

Shop no.97


Tel. 0541454000

Shop no.67

Spendster Fotostore

Tel. 0268089621

Shop no.4


Tel. 0266822536

Shop no.13


Tel. 0244401070

Shop no.55



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