Kerstin Gähte: Cause of Death

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Kerstin Gähte was born on September 22, 1958, and she was a German actress. It must be noted that Kerstin Gähte trained as a medical assistant and as a medical-technical assistant.

She also trained to become an actress at the  Leistikow Drama School in Düsseldorf and subsequently went for a Hollywood Actors Workshop in Los Angeles after getting a scholarship from the Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen in 1996.

The first theater engagement of Kerstin Gähte was at the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf but later moved to the Hanover State Theater. She played in the stage version of the novel Dangerous Liaisons by Choderlos de Laclos and in the musical Line 1. She also played a role in the three-woman play Expensive Luck by Jean Bouchard and played in the comedy on Kurfürstendamm, the comedy Winterhuder Fährhaus in Hamburg and the Theater am Dom in Cologne.

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Kerstin Gähte became quite famous due to the television roles she played. She made an appearance in the WDR series Die Anrheiner from 1997 to 2004 and was part of the telenovela Bianca – Ways to Happiness in the role of Ariane Wellinghoff on ZDF from 2004 to 2005. Kerstin Gähte also featured in the ARD telenovela Sturm der Liebe from March to June 2012.

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Kerstin Gähte: Cause of Death

Kerstin Gähte died on February 1, 2017 in Dusseldorf. She died after a two-year battle with cancer. She was survived by her husband, the actor Lutz Reichert, and an adult son.


Some of the films to the credit of Kerstin Gähte include 1990: Crime Scene: Time Detonator, 1990: A Home for animals, 1991: Big city district – revenge, 1991: Peter Strohm, 1991: Siebenstein, 1992: Wolff’s Revier – Widow in White and 1997: TV Kaiser – Positive Thinking.

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Others are 1997: Commissioner Schimpanski, 1997: City Clinic – In Love, 1997: Park Hotel Stern – champagne in the afternoon, 1997–2004: The people on the Rhine and 1999: Neighbors from Hell.
She received the 2880 Film Festival Leverkusen: Prize for the best acting performance in a 2880 film for What Happened – You Don’t Know in 2009.

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