Joey King Siblings: Meet Hunter King And Kelli King

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Who are Joey King siblings? Are Joey King siblings as famous as she is? Does Joey King have a brother? These are some of the questions people are asking about “The Kissing Booth” actress.

As you read on, we will introduce you to the siblings of Joey King.

Who Is Joey King? 

Joey Lynn King is an American actress born on July 30, 1999 to Jamie and Terry King in Los Angeles, California. She found love in acting very early in her life largely due to the fact that her older sisters where also into acting.

By the time she was 4 years old, King had started doing commercials for the likes of Life Cereal, Eggo, Kay Jewelers, AT&T, etc. She also performed in a number of theater productions as a child with the Stage Door Children’s Theatre in Agoura.

Her first known appearance in a TV series was in an episode of “Malcolm in the Middle” in 2006. Since then, King has landed a number of roles in other TV series with most of them being starring roles. She has also been cast in over twenty five films as of 2023.

Her starring role as Elle Evans in “The Kissing Booth” 2018 gave her a lot of exposure and went on to play that role in “The Kissing Booth 2” and “The Kissing Booth 3”.

Aside that, she is also known for her roles in The Act (2019), Tween Fest (2016), Hamster & Gretel (2022), Bent (2011), Bullet Train (2022), etc. 

King got engaged to film director and producer Steven Piet in February 2022. They actually started dating in 2019 and decided to take their relationship to the next level by getting engaged.

Who Are Joey King Siblings? Meet Hunter King and Kelli King 

Actress Joey King has two older sisters named Kelli King and Hunter King. Interestingly, the three siblings are all actresses and joins the list of siblings who are all pursuing careers in the film industry.

Kelli King is her oldest sister, born on March 22, 1992, followed by Hunter King on October 19, 1993. Joey on the other hand was born six years later in 1999.

Who Is Hunter King? 

Hunter King is an American actress born Haley Ashley King on October 19, 1993 in Ventura County, California. She is the older sister of actress Joey King and Kelli King.

Hunter started her acting journey as a child actress. She performed in a theater in Agoura Hills, California and gradually shifted to doing films.

Her starring roles in TV series and films such as The Young and the Restless, It Takes A Village, Nailed It, Hidden Gems, Life in Pieces, Hollywood Heights, etc have all helped to establish her as a top actress in the industry.

Hunter King is not yet married as of June 2023. She was previously engaged for two years to Nico Svoboda. However, they decided to go their separate ways in 2020.

Who Is Kelli King? 

Kelli King is an American actress born on March 22, 1992 in Los Angeles, California to Jamie and Terry King. She is the oldest sister of actress Joey King.

Kelli’s acting career started as a child actress just like her younger sisters, Joey and Hunter. However, it spears she hasn’t been deeply involved in acting like her younger ones.

Her films include Rude Awakening (1998), A Boyfriend for Christmas (2004), Grey’s Anatomy (2005), etc.

We are unable to confirm her relationship status at the moment.

Does Joey King Have A Brother? 

No. Joey King does not have any brothers. She however has two older sisters named Kelli King and Hunter King who are both actresses.

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