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Jenke von Wilmsdorff can be described as a German television journalist, author and actor. Jenke von Wilmsdorff was born on  October 16 , 1965, in Bonn and he is considered a descendant of the noble von Wilmsdorff family. After the divorce of his parents in the summer of 1970, he had to live with his single mother in Bonn-Tannenbusch.

The cameraman Winfried von Wilmsdorff born October 16 , 1965 in Bonn is his brother. The father of Jenke von Wilmsdorff was Hans Joachim von Wilmsdorff, a lieutenant colonel in the Bundeswehr and head of the “Troop Information Training and Experimental Office”.Jenke von Wilmsdorff completed acting training in Düsseldorf after he had completed high school in Bonn.

Over the years, he has worked as a radio presenter on the stations Radio NRW, Antenne AC and Aachen 100,eins and as an assistant director on the television stations RTL, Sat.1 and ARD. Jenke von Wilmsdorff worked on the script for the Sat.1 film Die Blaue Mauritius in 2000. He has also worked as a reporter on the TV show Extra – Das RTL-Magazin , hosted by Birgit Schrowange.

Over the years, Jenke von Wilmsdorff has earned some nominations and awards He was awarded the Juliane Bartel Media Prize 2012 for his series The Jenke Experiment: Jenke as a single mother. The merciless business of fleeing Africa was nominated for the International Emmy 2012 in the Current Affairs category. Jenke von Wilmsdorff also won the LovelyBooks Readers’ Prize in the Best Book Title category in 2012 with Bread Can Go Moldy, what can you do? .

Jenke von Wilmsdorff’s show The Jenke Experiment was nominated as Best Factual Entertainment for the German Television Award in 2014 and 2016, and in 2017 there was another nomination in the Best Infotainment category. In 2019, he finally won the German Television Award in the Best Infotainment category for his programs Jenke is courageous! Living with Breast Cancer,  The Jenke Experiment and  Jenke About Life.

The Jenke experiment The Plastic in me: How Garbage Makes Us Sick was nominated for the International Competition of the NaturVision Film Festival 2020. Some of the films, tv shows series and other productions to the credit of Jenke von Wilmsdorff 1987–1989: Lindenstrasse (TV series, 2 episodes), 1992: Tatort: ​​Stoevers Fall (TV film), 1994: The Guard (TV series, 1 episode), 1994: City Clinic (TV series, 2 episodes), 1999: Almost a Western (short film), 1999: Crime Scene – Three Monkeys, 1999–2000: Forbidden Love (TV series, 5 episodes), 2001–2013: Extra – The RTL Magazine (TV show), 2007: The Vow (TV film), 2013–2020: The Jenke Experiment (documentary series) and 2013–2014: Jenke – I stay overnight (report).

Others are 2014: 5 against Jauch (quiz show), 2014: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – Celebrity Special (Quiz Show), 2018: Bounty (game show), 2018: Jenke gives courage! (Report), 2018: Jenke About Life (Report), 2020-2022: JENKE. (Report), 2020-2022: JENKE. Live. The Talk (accompanying talk show), 2021-2022: JENKE. CRIME. (Report), 2021: Joko & Klaas against ProSieben (game show), 2021: Beat the Star (Game Show) and 2023: JENKE. Report. (Report).

Jenke von Wilmsdorff Girlfriend/Wife

Jenke von Wilmsdorff is married to Mia Bergmann .Jenke von Wilmsdorff and  Mia Bergmann together have a son called  Janik .

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