Jella Haase’s Boyfriend? Is She Married? Full Details

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Jella Haase can be described as a German actress who was born on October 27, 1992. It must be noted that Jella Haase started acting at a very early age and got involved in drama theatre. Some of the films she has made appearances in include  Lollipop Monster , Fack ju Göhte and Combat Girls.

She has also made appearances in television shows such as Polizeiruf 110 and Alpha 0.7 – Der Feind in dir. With respect to Polizeiruf 110 and Alpha 0.7 – Der Feind in dir, she starred in six episodes in 2010.
Jella Haase was born in Berlin-Kreuzberg and her mother is said to be a dentist. It must be noted that in 2009, Jella Haase made her debut so far as film is concerned when she was featured in the short film Der letzte Rest. She was then 15 years old.

The first major role for Jella Haase was in the television film Mama kommt! Jella Haase made an appearance in the movie Men in the City 2 in 2011 and she also played a lead role in the David Wnendt ‘s film about neo-Nazis, Combat Girls. In Combat Girls, she played her role alongside the likes of Alina Levshin and Gerdy Zint.

Due to the role Jella Haase played in Combat Girls as well as Lollipop Monster, she received the Bavarian Film Award for Best Young Actress in 2012. Jella Haase also won the Günter-Strack-Television Award in June 2013 for Best Actress.She also played the role of an underage prostitute in the Puppenspieler in 2013.

Jella Haase also played the role of teenager Chantal Ackermann in the comedy film Fack ju Göhte directed by Bora Dağtekin. She also starred in the Netflix comedy-drama spy series Kleo in 2022. Jella Haase was nominated for the German Film Award(2014) in the category of Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, Günter Strack TV Award(2011, 2013) in the category of Best Young Actress as well as the Jupiter Award(2012) in the category Best German Actress.

Jella Haase’s Boyfriend? Is She Married?

Jella Haase is said to be in a relationship with Albrecht Schuch. Albrecht Schuch was born on August 21, 1985, and he is a German actor. Albrecht Schuch is born to a doctor and a psychiatrist. He attended the “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” University of Music and Theater in Leipzig. Some of the films he has featured in include 2018: The Policeman and the Girl, 2019: System Buster, 2020: Berlin Alexanderplatz, 2021: Fabian or Going to the Dogs, 2021: Chess Novella, 2021: Dear Thomas, 2022: Nothing new in the West, 2022: The silent satellites and 2023: 15 years.

Some of the awards he has won over the years include the 2018: German Acting Award in the Actor in a Supporting Role category for Gladbeck , the 2018: German Academy of Television: Award in the Actor–Supporting Role category for Bad Banks, 2019: German Television Award: Award in the Best Actor category for Gladbeck, The Policeman and the Girl and Kruso , 2019: Golden Camera: Award for Best Actor and 2019: Saarland Radio Prize at the Günter Rohrbach Film Prize for his performance in the films Atlas and System Sprenger.

Others are 2020: Two German Film Awards for System Sprenger ( Best Male Lead Role ) and Berlin Alexanderplatz ( Best Male Supporting Role ), 2021: International Actors Award from the Cologne Film Festival, 2022: Bavarian Film Prize for Dear Thomas (Best Actor), 2022: German Film Award for Dear Thomas (Best Male Lead) and 2023: German Film Prize for Nothing New in the West (Best Male Supporting Role).


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