Who Are Caroline Hartig’s Parents? Full Details

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Caroline Hartig can be described as a German actress. She was born in 1997 and should be currently 26 years or 27 years old. It must be noted that over the years, Caroline Hartig has been featured in several films and television series. She is widely known for the roles she played in Struwwelerror (2020), Tatort (1970) and Blackout (2021).

n 2014, Caroline Hartig was featured in the 2014 Sommer of Dreams (cinema film) as well as 2014 The Women of the Vikings – Odin’s Daughters (Documentation). In the following year, Caroline Hartig also featured in Death of a Girl (Film de television) and Among Crooks: The Little Beast (Serie de television).

Other films Caroline Hartig has made appearances in over a period of time include 2016 Morden in the North: Played (Serie de television), 2017 Helen Dorn: Merciless (TV series), 2017 Emergency Call Hafenkante: Engel (Serie de television), 2017 Tatort: Level X (Serie de television), 2017 Kilimanjaro – Journey into Life (Film de television), 2018 A strong team: Prize of Beauty (Serie de television), 2018 Off the Track – Say You’re Sorry (Series de television) and 2018 In all friendship – The young doctors: High expectations (Serie de television).

The likes of 2018 Weingut Wader – The Inheritance (Series de television), 2018 Weingut Wader – The Family Secret (Series de television), 2019 The Croatian crime thriller: The girl murderer from Krac (Serie de television), 2019 SOKO Stuttgart: #Murder (Serie de television), 2019 Weingut Wader – Only together are we strong (Serie de television), 2019 Wader Winery – New Ways (Series de television), 2019 Schattenmoor (Film de television) and 2020 Rosamunde Pilcher: False life, true love (Serie de television) also form part of the films and series Caroline Hartig has made appearances in.

Between 2016 and 2018, Caroline Hartig studied at the Actors Conservatory Method Acting School in Los Angeles. She did so alongside American acting mentor Ron Burrus.

Who Are Caroline Hartig’s Parents?

Details about the parents of Caroline Hartig are not currently available.


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