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Francesco Cicchella is an Italian actor, comedian, impersonator, singer and musician. Francesco Cicchellawas born on March 21, 1989. e showed interest in theatre from his childhood days.

He started studying piano and jazz singing at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory in Naples. In 2007 when Francesco Cicchella had turned 17, he won the  Totò Prize for comedy. He subsequently made his first appearance on TV as a guest in an episode of Partecipamo bene on Rai 3. He played the role of an impersonator and singer.

With the passage of time, he became part and parcel of the cast of the program Tutti bene on Rai 2. Francesco Cicchella was the proud winner of the third edition of the Alighiero Noschese Award in 2009.

He then joined the cast Made in Sud together with Vincenzo de Honestis. Francesco Cicchella and Vincenzo de Honestis formed the duo “Doppia Coppia” in 2007.

Francesco Cicchella in 2015 appeared as a guest in the first evening of the Sanremo Festival and between September and November, she competed in the Rai 1 talent show hosted by Carlo Conti, Tale e Quale Show, winning the fifth edition. 

Some of the programs Francesco Cicchella has been part of over the years include Let’s start well ( Rai 3, 2007), We’re all fine ( Rai 2, 2007-2008), Made in the South (Rai 2, 2009-2016), Such and such show (Rai 1, 2015) – Competitor – Winner, Christmas and which show (Rai 1, 2016) – Competitor, Tonight everything is possible (Rai 2, 2018-2022) – Competitor, Enjoy – Laughing is good for you (Italy 1, 2020), Honolulu (Italy 1, 2021), Only Fun – Comedian Show ( NINE, 2022) and Alessandro Borghese – Celebrity Chef ( TV8, 2022) – contestant.

The films to his credit also include 2016, Life, heart, heartbeat, directed by Sergio Colabona and 2017, Mister Felicità, directed by Alessandro Siani (voice of Self-Esteem Parrot).

Is Francesco Cicchella Engaged?

Francesco Cicchella is currently single.

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